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Verdugos are a pair of powerful enemies in Resident Evil 4, presumably created by Los Illuminados, who serve as bodyguards for Ramon Salazar. "Verdugo" is Spanish for "Executioner".

The Verdugos are first seen in their capacity as Ramon Salazar's guardians, their forms hidden under long cloaks, one black with red trim, the other red with black trim. Their faces, however, were clearly inhuman, having shimmering red eyes and large mandibles, and their hands having only two long, spindly fingers with one opposable thumb. Later, when one was sent to hunt down Leon, it discarded its cloak to reveal a thin, insectoid body, covered in a black exoskeleton and having a long, segmented tail. As it tracked Leon, it would occasionally attack by thrusting its tail through the floor or ceiling grate.

The Verdugo's physical appearance is comparable to both the Xenomorph (from the Alien franchise) and Predator (from the Predator franchise).

When Leon fights the Verdugo directly, the creature's great strength and speed are revealed. Its carapace is highly damage-resistant to the extent that it can survive a direct hit from a rocket launcher with little damage done to it,(When hit with a rocket launcher it then tauntingly wags it's finger at Leon,) though it can be rendered temporarily brittle by exposure to liquid nitrogen. If shot by a rocket launcher while in this state, the verdugo will shatter into pieces.

Although the other Verdugo is not fought directly, it presumably shares similar physical characteristics.

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