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Squall Leonhart
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Yamane Ayano - Final Fantasy VIII - Seifer Almasy - Squall Leonhart - Comics - Doujinshi - Gun Mania (Gun Mania)Yamane Ayano - Final Fantasy VIII - Squall Leonhart - Zell Dincht - Comics - Doujinshi - Sweet Pain (Gun Mania)


Age: 17 (DoB: August 23rd) Height: 5'8" (177cm)

Like most of his fellow heroes in Final Fantasy VIII, Squall is a SeeD, a young mercenary in training at the Balamb Garden school for soldiers. Specifically, he’s a gunblade specialist, wielding a weird hybrid between a revolver and a thick-bladed saber.

The scar on his forehead comes courtesy another gunblade wielder, his fellow student and sometime rival Seifer Almasy. A practice duel between the two got a little out of hand, prefiguring Seifer’s future turn down a strangely dark path.

Once he embarks upon his career as a full-fledged soldier of fortune, Squall finds himself pushed time and again into positions of leadership, both on missions with his squad of fellow soldiers and when he eventually becomes the leader of Balamb Garden’s entire force. He has a little trouble dealing with the role – he doesn’t like being pushed into positions of responsibility, and he’s not very good at relating to other people.

Source: IGN
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