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Hanekawa Tsubasa
Hanekawa Tsubasa
Original name
羽川 翼




Monogatari Series: Second Season - Black Hanekawa - Hanekawa Tsubasa - 1 - Series Heroine Bon (Kodansha)Horie Yui - Kousaki Satoru - Bakemonogatari - Hanekawa Tsubasa - Opening Theme - Single - Sugar Sweet Nightmare & Gekiban Ongakushuu Sono Ichi (Aniplex)Shouka - Nekomonogatari Kuro - Black Hanekawa - Hanekawa Tsubasa - Comics - Doujinshi - Hanekawa Black (Kayoudou)Shouka - Monogatari Series: Second Season - Hanekawa Tsubasa - Comics - Doujinshi - Hanekawa White (Kayoudou)Akutagawa Manbou - Takakujyu - Nekomonogatari Kuro - Araragi Karen - Hanekawa Tsubasa - Comics - Doujinshi - Tsubasa Neko (Bloody Okojo)


Tsubasa, the main character of Tsubasa Cat, is Koyomi's classmate and the class representative. Koyomi describes her as "the class representative of all class representatives." Prior to the novel's beginning, she was possessed by a bakeneko during Golden Week due to stress over her family. Although it has since been resolved with the help of Shinobu and at the cost of her own memories, the problems emerge again right before the school festival because of different stress. It was revealed by the bakeneko at the end of episode 14 of the anime that the source of the aforementioned stress was her feelings for Araragi. Despite Black Hanekawa possessing a female body, the spirit itself is male. In Tsubasa Tiger, on her way to school, she met a tiger that is able to talk. Her house also burns down which causes Black Hanekawa to appear, due to the stress of her house being burned down, which causes Black Hanekawa to look for the tiger warning that if the tiger hurts Hanekawa, Black Hanekawa herself will kill the tiger. It turns out that the tiger was a manifestation of Tsubasa's jealously towards the people around her. Just like Black Hanakawa, "Kako" which is the name Tsubasa gave to the tiger, is also a new type of Kaii. In the end Tsubasa reabsorbs Kako back into her body and fully accepts Black Hanekawa as a part of her. This leads to half of Hanakawa's hair becoming white and forming a stripe-like pattern with her hair. Which in turn causes her to dye her hair black every morning. Tsubasa Tiger was written in Tsubasa's perspective instead of Koyomi's. Her catchphase is "I don’t know everything, I just know what I know." Koyomi stated that he respect Tsubasa more than anyone else.
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