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Ruru AmourRuru Amour

Ruru Amour
Ruru Amour
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HUGtto! Precure - Ruru Amour - Bandai Shokugan - Candy Toy - Cutie Figure - HUGtto! Precure Cutie Figure 3 (Bandai)HUGtto! Precure - Ruru Amour - Cure Amour - PreCoorde Doll (Bandai)HUGtto! Precure - Cure Amour - Ruru Amour - Precure Style (Bandai)HUGtto! Precure - Ruru Amour - Precute to Town - Mori no Treehouse - Candy Toy - 3 - Ruru to Kanban & Ki no Bench (Bandai)HUGtto! Precure - Ruru Amour - Candy Toy - Precute to Town - Shopping Mall - 5 - Ruru to Beauty Shop (Bandai)



Kazuma Muramasa - HUGtto! Precure - Ruru Amour - Comics - Doujinshi - Ruru ga Yonaka ni Totsuzen Semattekita node. (Acid Eaters)


A former part-timer in the Azababu branch office of the Criasu Corporation under just her first name, she is an android who soon developed a human heart when gathering information on the Cures. She becomes close friends with Emiru after she is purified and her emotions develop fully. After watching the Pretty Cure a lot, she and Emiru decide they want to become ones too, and after she miraculously receives a PreHeart herself, the two of them transform and Ruru becomes the Pretty Cure of Love, Cure Amour.
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