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Fujibayashi KyouFujibayashi Kyou

Fujibayashi Kyou
Fujibayashi Kyou
Original name
藤林 杏




Clannad - Fujibayashi Kyou - Drama CD Clannad Vol. 4 Kyou Fujibarashi (Key Geneon Entertainment Frontier Works Visual Art's)Clannad - Fujibayashi Kyou - Fujibayashi Ryou - Radio CD - Nagisa to Sanae no Omae ni Hyper Rainbow Vol. 2 (Key Pony Canyon Visual Art's)Clannad - Fujibayashi Kyou - Drama CD - Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de - Vol. 3 (Key Prototype Visual Art's)Fukudahda - Bizen - Clannad - Fujibayashi Kyou - Fujibayashi Ryou - Comics - Doujinshi - Fujibayashi Nado - Fujibayashi Twins After Story (Kensoh Ogawa)Kitagawa Nagi - Clannad - Fujibayashi Kyou - Comics - Doujinshi - Over (Haiiro Utopia)Kisaragi-MIC - Clannad - Fujibayashi Kyou - Comics - Doujinshi - Costume Parfait Apricot (Pastel Wing)Chun - Clannad - Fujibayashi Kyou - Comics - Doujinshi - Kyou Mania (Friendly Sky, Fuuma Kekkai)Carn - Clannad - Fujibayashi Kyou - Comics - Doujinshi - 3 - Kayumidome (Magono-Tei)Carn - Clannad - Fujibayashi Kyou - Comics - Doujinshi - 3 - Kayumidome - Kanzenban (Magono-Tei)Kisaragi-MIC - Clannad - Fujibayashi Kyou - Comics - Doujinshi - 2 - Costume Parfait Apricot (Pastel Wing)


Kyou is a heroine in the visual novel that plays a supporting role in the adaptations. Kyou is Ryou Fujibayashi's older twin sister, and also has longer hair than Ryou. Kyou assumed the role of class representative of her class, but generally does not consider it very important. She is a bad-mouthed and aggressive girl who is also a surprisingly good cook. She met Tomoya some time in their second year, explaining their friendship. Her strength is great, with Tomoya once comparing it to Tomboy's kicks, her books being thrown with enough force to crack concrete. Kyou becomes a member of the drama club, although she only signs up so the minimum number of members will be reached. While working so that Ryou and Tomoya becomes a couple, Kyou falls in love with Tomoya.
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