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Natsume Rin
Natsume Rin
Original name
棗 鈴




ARM (IOSYS) - Gustav Holst - Maeda Jun - Tamiyasu Tomoe - Little Busters! - Natsume Rin - Single - Rin no Hisoka na Koi no Uta Mission:Love sniper (Key Sounds Label)Tsukako - Little Busters! - Naoe Riki - Natsume Rin - Comics - Doujinshi - Kirakira Boshi (Kurimomo)Tsukako - Little Busters! - Natsume Rin - Art Book - Comics - Doujinshi - 9 - Omomiruku (Kurimomo)


Voiced by: Tomoe Tamiyasu

/!\ Some parts of the following text may be considered as spoiler.

Rin is the main heroine in the story. She is the younger sister of Kyousuke Natsume and is the only female member out of the five original members of the Little Busters. She does not communicate well and is seen as inarticulate. Due to this, she is anti-social, and is usually seen alone. When playing baseball with the others, Rin is an ace pitcher, although she used to be quite a bad pitcher—her throws would go in completely unpredictable directions—until she gets into a baseball stand-off between Sasami, where she demonstrates two "super-power" pitches, where one of them is a fastball and the other one is her own version of a changeup. Rin loves cats and at school takes care of several strays; it is not uncommon for several cats to crawl onto her. One such extremely overweight cat she named "Dorj" (ドルジ); other, much smaller, cats she has named "Hitler" (ヒットラー), "Fabre" (ファーブル), "Tezuka" (テヅカ), and "Isoroku" (五十六). Rin often has a white kitten named "Lennon" (レノン) with her which rides either on her head or shoulder. Rin's name means "bell", and she wears a bell in her hair. She is one of the two survivors of the bus accident.

Rin has only a slightly higher statistics than Riki at the start, but she is one of the characters other than Riki whose attribute values grow after each play through. Though she does not stack much items, she can be made to be one of the strongest characters just by playing through the baseball practice mini game and can even rival with Kengo in strength. She is the only character who can use cat items to summon her cats as a weapon during battle, but it is one of the weakest weapons until Rin gains more hit counts with her exclusive weapon. The cat weapon is also particularly vulnerable against fireworks weapons since they can disable her ability to do multiple attacks, which is the main strength of her exclusive weapon.

During the baseball practice session, players can unlock additional types of pitches for her to use, which include the curveball, shootball, slider, sinker, knuckleball, and a "super fastball". Players can achieve this by hitting the ball to the cats around the field hard enough to knock them out. The exception is Dorj which appears only in Ecstasy; the ball will simply bounce back to the player. After doing this eleven times, one type of pitch chosen randomly will be available for Rin to use during the practice sessions and during the game. The additional pitches gained during practice (with the exception of a straight ball and a changeup) can also serve to give Rin a bonus increase in her statistics whenever that pitch is thrown. While this will help tremendously during the baseball game, it can be a double-edged sword during the practice sessions. Players will face those additional types of pitches that can be challenging to hit, especially if Rin learns the super fastball. Hitting a cat also disrupts any combo streak the player can achieve by hitting back the ball the defender throws. This can be detrimental to the player if trying to achieve five-hundred hits before Kengo joins the team.

Players can also make Rin go on a mission to fight a mysterious creature during gameplay. She must face the creature a total of four times; the last two fights must be done in a single day. Since she will fight with no weapons, her strength attribute will be the sole factor of her damage output, so it is recommended to try giving her some strength enhancing accessories with a high agility attribute to allow her to land a first attack. Once Rin completely defeats the creature, Rin will face a tougher type of creature in the player's next play through. There are a total of three creatures, each subsequently tougher than the previous one. The third type can be extremely difficult to defeat even with Rin in her maximum stats obtained by subsequent playthroughs.

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