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Nono HanaNono Hana

Nono Hana
Nono Hana
Original name
野乃 はな


HUGtto! Precure - Nono Hana - Bandai Shokugan - Candy Toy - Cutie Figure - HUGtto! Precure Cutie Figure 2 (Bandai)HUGtto! Precure - Cure Yell - Nono Hana - PreCoorde Doll (Bandai)HUGtto! Precure - Nono Hana - Hugtan - Precute to Town - Shopping Mall - Candy Toy - 1 - Hana to Baby Room (Bandai)HUGtto! Precure - Nono Hana - Precute to Town 3-gaidatte no Ouchi - Candy Toy - 1 - Hana to Entrance (Bandai)HUGtto! Precure - Nono Hana - Hugtan - Precute to Town - Mori no Treehouse - Candy Toy - 1 - Hana to Treehouse (Bandai)




A 2nd year middle school student who had just transferred for the new semester. Hana is short for her age to the point that she looks almost child-like thus dreaming of becoming a stylish and mature big sister figure. Despite being clumsy, she is always up for a challenge. Thanks to her strong desire of protecting Hugtan, Hana becomes the Pretty Cure of High Spirit, Cure Yell (キュアエール).
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