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happy bday!
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This makes me so happy, such a beautiful and calming set up! :>
Payment for my order got sent today! I'm really happy she's coming!
nyugvo61 uur geleden#130587337big tits are completely normal.

i agree with that! i'm sorry if my wording came off as saying that sonico having big boobs in itself was the problem. the real issue for me is that she is very sexualized, which is what makes me uncomfortable about most of her figures and what made me write the article! i really like sonico's design but what makes me not want to collect her is how sexualized her figures are
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Gandalf54 minuten geleden#130587346Immediate 5* picture :) you’re an immediate 5 star ;)
i mean i feel like this fig has i believe normal sized! ITEM #145212 but im not too sure how you feel about the dress like that!!
I don't buy characters for "aesthetics" in the end it'll only be more money spent that I would rather give to a character I love
nyugvo61 uur geleden#130587337big tits are completely normal.

bro did not read the blog
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This is just so nice, it feels really down to earth in a way? Yet it's a stunningly huge collection ♥
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