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  • Shnakay submitted a comment on [Artikel #47076] Boxes, Boxes EVERYWHERE51 seconde(n) geleden
    Jenthehen1 dag(en) geleden#87082857At some point (which varies for different collectors) it just isn't feasible to keep EVERY SINGLE BOX. For the most part, I ditch prize figure boxes, trading figure boxes, and most nendoroid boxes (keep the parts in little drawer organizers). I also decide on a case by case basis which to keep and consider how simple a figure is (would it be easy to sell/ship boxless?), if the aftermarket price plummeted such that box or no box makes little difference (I'm not going to make much $$ at all if I sell either way, so who cares?), and if it is a figure that I've had for a long time and will never sell unless I am basically quitting collecting and getting rid of everything!
    That being said, I still have a lot of boxes, but probably about a third or so of my collection is boxless. Also a word to the wise - keep track via a list which figures you don't have boxes for - it will safe you the pain and suffering of searching for a box you forgot you got rid of.
    In the past, I flattened some boxes in lieu of tossing, but then I decided that was pretty much pointless. The ONLY benefit is proving authenticity if there is a hologram sticker on a box.

    This is a really good point. I know it’s silly to have a large/growing collection without at least ditching some boxes but it’s a tough practice to follow through. I don’t buy with the intention to sell, however there’s always that “what if I don’t love it in ten years, what if I leave the hobby?”
    So thank you for speaking honestly and saying that realistically not every box can be kept or is really that important.
  • Reinier submitted a comment on [Foto #1101840] My Room Ero Version3 minuten geleden
    Nice :-) its like the girls in the beach are inviting you to the beach with them and the view behind the bed is like if your looking out the window in a house in Japan with a road towards the ocean. Btw whats that black/white thing next to the books? a speaker?
    his expression looks incredible! also like how they darkened the scythe from the other version that was way too light. i'll scoop him up whenever i can!
  • thvticals submitted a comment on [Gebruiker #11466] LiLMoon19 minuten geleden
    You're welcome, and thank you! I'm in love with your Eren collection. >_<
    i have shiori! willing to trade her for mint night chika ^_^
    quirow10 uur geleden#87138564How funny, I'm in the exact same situation. I contacted Funimation a while ago asking to change my payment method due to certain issues and they told me they couldn't do that and said a specialist will get back to me and nearly a month later they still have yet to do so. I guess it's all good though since they put both Kyo and Yuki back up for order but I guess we'll have to see if these new orders will actually be fulfilled. After hearing so many horror stories regarding Funimation I guess we should've been prepared for this. I'm happy for the people that were able to get this with no stress but Funimation really needs to up their game and customer service because its just so laughable right now.

    Hopefully everything goes well with your order! Yea Funimation is the worst to deal with when ordering things from their store. Customer service never gets back to you from the contact page, and the chat specialists don't know how or aren't authorized to do pretty much anything. I've yet to have a stress-free purchase from them (I bought some blu rays that came completely destroyed and had to deal with trying to get replacements.. it was a whole thing), but kudos to everyone who hasn't had any issues with them. I hope Kotobukiya (and any other manu) doesn't choose to make anything exclusive to them again - though I am hoping if Sony does acquire Funi that things may get better lol #pipedream

    Claire589 uur geleden#87138614Legit same thing happened to me. I had to update my credit card because when I ordered him back in February, my card since expired.
    So I added my new credit card and then I took right to the live chat.
    I did get a different experience though. "Jed" basically said that I should still be getting my order, just maybe with no email confirmation.
    He also said someone will email me later, but I don't buy it. All I know is, I'm going to be pissed if I don't get this figure.
    I am not looking forward to dealing with Funimation for the Kyo figure nor the new Shigure funko pop that's exclusive to them.
    They need to fix their dang site and their customer service.
    I don't know how Funimation works. Will they attempt to process the order again now that I've updated my credit card? I hope so since it was wayy under the 72 hours.

    I spoke with Jed too.. my payment issues actually stemmed from when I tried to change the payment method for my subscription to FunimationNow... I tried changing it from my paypal to a card then the next month they still charged my paypal. So I de-authorized them on my paypal thinking it would use the card on file, and instead they canceled my account with no warning the following month (just a 'hey, couldn't charge you so we canceled your account. ktxbai). So I had to re-activate my account. And I never get email confirmations from them when I order... even when I placed the order yesterday, I didn't get a confirmation (so I really have no idea what Kyo's order number is when the time comes for me to do this again). I hope your updated credit card works, maybe check your card to see if anything was charged/pending and if not, contact chat again to see if they can see if it was charged?
  • Tsuko-tan submitted a comment on [Gebruiker #198493] gn318931 minuten geleden
    Welcome to the board gn3189! :)

    Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
    If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at the official MFC club.

    Enjoy your stay! ^^
  • Reinier submitted a comment on [Foto #2568156] Room 2020 Updated36 minuten geleden
    Where did you get the Sallya art from?
  • Vocalist2D submitted a comment on [Gebruiker #181460] bingzerous39 minuten geleden
    Happy Birthday!
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