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    Looking for this figure. Message me for offers. PH only thanks! :D
  • elci submitted a comment on [Artikel #45672] My Grail! and how I got into this hobby1 minuten geleden
    Asiendy5 uur geleden#78472660Don't listen those who denigrate Tharja.There's not really anyone who talks badly about Tharja while giving the rest of the characters a pass. The problem is with Awakening changing the support system wholesale to work with the marriage system, causing it to become a game of interchangeability with none of the supports being particularly meaningful at all. It's not helped by the fact that the setting itself is completely one dimensional and only serves as a backdrop for characters to behave illogically as an excuse for more combat.

    That aside, people like different things, and I'm glad you found that one thing you wanted OP.
  • Sallya submitted a comment on [Artikel #45672] My Grail! and how I got into this hobby7 minuten geleden
    Seiki8 uur geleden#78472342Panne was more of a "best girl" for me in Awakening, but you included Gaius, and I like him & Owain a lot too, so I voted Gaius even if not included probably fits more. Besides, I married Gaius to Panne in my run.
    Congrats on finally getting your grail!
    Thanks, but Panne o-over Tharja...? JUst kidding!! Haha I definitely do understand why people would be drawn towards Panne though! On a side note, her son (married her w Gaius too) annoyed me with how much of a wuss he was compared to his fierce Taguel mom though. Man, that map was annoying for me when I tried to fight both armies and recruit her son...It's like the map was just drowned in red...
  • loboubmx submitted a comment on [Foto #2446519] Isabelle and Doom Guy15 minuten geleden
    LOL !!!
  • cathrel submitted a comment on [Gebruiker #96097] Kotobukiya16 minuten geleden
    Any chance you will have a rerun for Nightwing Ikemen? :(
  • mintbunny submitted a comment on [Foto #2445788] Anime Figure Rainbow17 minuten geleden
    I see lots of Love Live. 5/5
  • Sallya submitted a comment on [Artikel #45672] My Grail! and how I got into this hobby19 minuten geleden
    ArcLumin6 uur geleden#78472569My favorite Awakening girl is Morgan's mother.
    Robin herself?? Wow touché
  • remag submitted a comment on [Gebruiker #111866] Kyeloken21 minuten geleden
    Interested in your Jeanne d’arc avenger 1/7 for sale but your inbox is full.
  • DarkPikachu25 submitted a comment on [Gebruiker #117618] WCF_strawhat22 minuten geleden
    Sorry about that! I cleared my inbox so you can try sending me a message there. What is that white circle on the photo?
  • Sallya submitted a comment on [Artikel #45672] My Grail! and how I got into this hobby24 minuten geleden
    Asiendy5 uur geleden#78472660Ahhhh... Tharja... You know what ? She's my very first figure ever. I started my entire collection with her, 7 years ago (or should I say "because of her" ? :D now it's like I'm cursed and forced to expand the collection).
    Don't listen those who denigrate Tharja. Yes she's a quite strange girl and yes she is madly obsessed, but she hides a kind nature, taking care of the MC when he collapse and don't even try anything weird. Also, speaking of her daughter, Noire, you learn in the S rank that she never learn magics and that her mother always keeps her aside from this in the only purpose to protect her. Tharja didn't want her daughter to be like her.
    Anyways, congratulations ! This is so relaxing to finally land a hand on our self Holly Grail. I just received mine yesterday (wait no, yesterday from yesterday) and I'm so happy too <3
    Definitely! Sure, she has a lot of some quirks, but she's great regardless of it! Rather I thought it made her an even better waifu...But still, you're right how there's that other side to Tharja people just won't acknowledge because of the whole obsessed stalker girl thingamabob
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