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    When I was in college, I worked a small con (it's gotten a lot bigger now! I'm proud of it!) and since I had just finished watching Higurashi for the first time I picked up ITEM #12094 who I absolutely adored. After that it was a slippery slope - with a detour through eBay bootlegs and a quick turn out of them hahaha

    I still think it's funny that I love figures so much now....I have a really vivid memory of, at one of the first cons I went to, saying to my friend "why would i buy a figure when I could buy a dvd or manga volume?" and thinking - it's just a toy, I can't use it for anything.

    Oh how the mighty have fallen XP (but I'm happy down here in my pit with all my waifus)
    5 minuten geleden
    YusukeKitagawa (6 uur geleden) #49219309Thank you! Yeah they're really nice...a bit bigger than I had expected, too! =)
    Ohhh that’s good!
    20 minuten geleden
    ashtaroth (7 uur geleden) #49212895Like most things...It was an accident...
    Well said. PVC collecting represented a physical manifestation, validation of my love of anime, game design creativity. And after experiencing 1 too many severe stock market pullbacks 2009 where my supposed wealth "on paper" went poof dramatically into the night I decided it was time to focus remaining certain assets elsewhere, outcome be damned. Possibly another severe stock market drop is coming but I'm not worried as my some of my exposure to that is on display downstairs rather than awaiting another bursting bubble.
    46 minuten geleden
    My first figure was a prize figure: SEGA's gothic dress Rikka ITEM#219470, I also bought her on amazon, I loved her so I just kept buying figures
    48 minuten geleden
    A long time ago I got the .hack // G.U. game signed by one of the voice actors. I recently learned that extra items like that cost money to be signed. I think it would be awesome to have an anime figure signed by a guest. Makes me wonder, does that mean that the value of the figure goes up?
    53 minuten geleden
    I usually receive DHL packages within twenty-four hours...
    56 minuten geleden
    ITEM #198386. Paid about $100 more than the original price. Was absolutely worth it though, and she's paired with Purple Heart now. I think her price is even higher now...
    58 minuten geleden
    LadyLavellan (2 uur geleden) #49244247He's soooo prettyyyyy omg
    I love his base! I'm sure they look lovely together! Thanks for the review! It's very detailed and the pics were clear!
    Thanks! :3 I really enjoy doing reviews and taking pics still hoping I'll be able to get a new phone with a better camera this year.
    They do, it's a bit hard to adjust them though those fluttering clothes always intefere with each other. x3
    1 uur geleden
    Russel (1 dag(en) geleden) #49131036I already have two Charlotte, so I'm definitely pickup the other Yoshika. I wish I could buy the Commemorative Theatrical Edition Gertrude, maybe the future if I win the lottery :D

    Theatrical Gertrud is around 10,000 yen these days. I found her in sealed condition for 9,500 a few months back, so a little patience will allow her to become yours.
    1 uur geleden
    Dschii (8 uur geleden) #49209479Hands down, the best Sailor Moon scale figures ever released are the cold cast resin 1/7 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S Sailor Moon from Kotobukiya: ITEM #3200
    and Kaiyodo's 1/8 Super Sailor Moon: ITEM #7469

    Glad you mentioned these, Kotobukiya's Sailor Moon has been my one and only grail since it's release. When it came out I was too young to be able to afford it, I remember seeing it for order on HLJ. Well, I may have been able to afford it but I hadn't gotten into buying resins as that was mostly what was available then, PVC was just starting to be a thing. I actually got Mars from the set but was really disappointed with the paint and sold her.

    It's been my one major wish as a collector that Kotobukiya would unearth that set and make them into newer PVC figures, because to me, that is the *perfect* sailor moon.
    1 uur geleden
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