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    still looking for rin ~ would love to give her a new home and lots of food!! <3
    21 seconde(n) geleden
    Looking to buy in the UK/EU!

    don't mind about the paint job - I just would love to take Fox home!
    3 minuten geleden
    Smol birb is smol. <3
    5 minuten geleden
    É ver nos próximos dias se essas especulações vão mesmo tomar forma


    Engraçado é virem com isso bem quando a empresa está há um ano obtendo níveis de qualidade na entrega que não alcançava há anos, sem falar na recuperação financeira ao voltar a dar lucro - sendo que quando dá prejuízo o governo não ajuda a tapa-lo, porém quando ocorre lucro a empresa tem de passar dividendos à União...

    E é muito vago isso de "A avaliação no governo é que o modelo de negócio da empresa está ultrapassado...", "precisa ser renovada para os novos tempos, especialmente com o crescimento o e-commerce..." e "o setor em que atua a Empresa Brasileira de Correios está em processo de total transformação e, para a companhia sobreviver, precisa ser mais competitiva e ter menos amarras.", parecendo falas genéricas e de quem conhece a empresa só por fora.


    Privatização é 8 ou 80 - entre os correios já privatizados em outros países há tanto exemplos positivos quanto negativos. O correio de Portugal, por exemplo, após a privatização só piorou a qualidade dos serviços mesmo estes ficando mais caros...
    10 minuten geleden
    Preordered,she's too precious , beautiful and quite cheap
    13 minuten geleden
  • Tsuko-tan submitted a comment on [Gebruiker #141391] monoseta
    Welcome to the board monoseta! :)

    Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
    If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at the official MFC club.

    Enjoy your stay! ^^
    16 minuten geleden
    I was saving up for a new car; but, cars are overrated.
    21 minuten geleden
    Wow, you make it look so easy!
    In your opinion, what is the hardest part of the process?
    21 minuten geleden
    Hello. Selling mine for 50€ (price includes standard international airmail shipping).
    Please contact me for more information or check my add.
    23 minuten geleden
    naisor (1 uur geleden) #57406272Thank you for the comment. Also, please feel free to express what you think and we can discuss it; that's the whole purpose for me to do blogs about my work in the first place.
    Regarding the preform step, it is only the beginning of the process actually. It is true that paper clay by itself is not able to produce a smooth surface. At much, after sanding with the finest grades you'll get a kinda fuzzy surface; however, that doesn't end there. In the very last picture of the Rias figure, that's actually not finished yet, and you may notice it looks grayish instead of the natural white color of the paper clay seen in the other preforms.
    To smooth the surface, first I use a jewelry file level evenly all the marks from adding material and molding with my hands. Then, I use different grades of sand paper from #320 all the way to #1000 to smooth as much as possible. As said before, you'll get as fuzzy surface at much, and so little remaining micro-cavities here and there.
    To smooth even further, I start with Tamiya modeller putty; they sell it gray or white color, I prefer gray most of the time because it contrast with clay color. I use paint thinner to dilute the putty to the point that I can brush it to the surface as if I was painting the part. After drying I proceed to pass the sand papers again to smooth. I do this a number of times, each time the surface becomes smoother and smoother.
    After all this, I use surfacer as the ones used to prepare Garage Kit; this I airbrush or use spray cans to put the surfacer onto the pieces as if I was painting again. The result is a very smooth surface which is the final goal.
    This process is maybe for me the most difficult to document, cause the sanding and adding surfacer is a kind of messy process, my hands get very busy and stained and I don't feel like using my phone or camera to document this, so I don't have much on that for the moment. I'll see what I can do in the near future.
    As for the kantai thing, I was drawing that Rias because I'm currently into Azur Lane (cause KanKore won't release the dem game outside Japan) and because there was a recent collaboration with the Neptune series I thought "I want a collaboration with High School DxD", but then I reflex on that and said "Nah, I'll do it myself". I still have to finish that drawing (I'm still not very good drawing mechanical parts) and I want to make a figure of that. XD
    And for sculpey, it was actually one of the first materials (besides school clay) that I used when I was a kid long long time ago. The fact that I work by adding and adding material makes it a little troublesome for me, since I have to bake everytime I make a progress. It can get smooth, yes, but I would still prepare the surface as described above to get it even smoother. I have used sculpey thoroughly in the past, but I prefer paper clay better as of now. I should also maybe explain in a next tutorial about the little "oven" I made to make the paper clay dry faster.
    Paper clay is used widely among Japanese Garage Kit makers; it is a basic technique, because sculpey is ver expensive in Japan. That doesn't mean people don't use sculpey, and there are also other materials. What I consider a more advanced technique from Japan is to use Epoxy putty. Since it hardens way faster, it lets you work faster too. I have tried it, but since it is a more carving-sanding technique, with a lot less molding, I have struggled and left it for the moment until I can get a more grasp on the paper clay technique.

    Yes, i guess you are right, i edited my comment because i had a negative feedback,...but i realy think the same way here, over politness is nice to hear, but in the End it ´ll bring you no advantage or progress whatsoever, i am glad that you´ve seen the un-edited version of it.

    It is true, every Material has it pro´s and con´s, and yes SuperSculpy is not cheap, but when i sculpt i always wonder if i´am not overdoing it ( effort wise ) by investing 4 weeks in just 1 single Sculpture is of course close to insanity but actually not even close to what other Sculptors
    invest, ...but when i read how complicated your Sculpting process seems to be( that is from my perspective of course)...i stark thinking...hmmmm....maybe i dont put enough effort in it,...
    on the other hand i dont wonder anymore why so called Life Size Anime Figures cost more then some Cars... it is just a crazy amount of work, but for me it seems that is not even much appreciated by the mass audience...
    About the Game release, well there is a solution, yes you can not access the Game server because your IP is identificated with the country that your living in, it is the same with Credit Cards sometimes even Major Cards dont work in Japan because the Card Number also Shows where the Card was Originaly Released, ...but if you use a VPN you can access every Game Server in Japan even the DMM Server for KanColle :)

    The thing with sanding all the parts sounds very much time consuming,... but i can rely to that, i´ve got the same problem after i apply the Primer with regular Brushes on the PU, because of the Foamy consistence Airbrush would not work, sometimes i have to do the process twice, at a certain point the PU just break without a warning, wich is very much annoiying especial when you work on a hair pice.

    By Epoxy putty do you mean Tamiya 1 componet putty ...? That stuff is very good i know, but i can not imagine how much i would use one only 1 Sculpture, even in a smaler size,
    Yes that baking Super Sculpy thing realy put me away from it to, and after you ruined your Kitchen equipment for food you have to buy a new Oven of course...

    Sometimes i wonder to why some characters of an Anime are released few years after the Series already ended, or not at all, that wil stay as a riddle i guess... :)
    26 minuten geleden
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