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    I actually hope for a recolor.. I love her but i dont think this is fitting for her tbh
    Maakie (18 minuten geleden) #57595518Oh wow, I like the detail of the water in the gun! I'm not into bikini/swimsuit figures myself (anymore), but she is indeed so pure~! The figure has a bit more mishaps than I expected, but she is CUTE. Can't deny that!
    By the way, stupid question, but I noticed in your picture background you also have 'squares' in the white fabric. I also have HUGE issues with all my backdrops, no matter how careful I iron them I can't get the squares out!! I guess the only good solution would be if I could find out the exact type of fabric this 'photography fabric' is and try to buy it on a roll or something. >.>
    I can't say I'm particularly fond of bikini figures either as I think most of them are quite bland or too fanservicey, but sometimes I get swayed too. :3
    Seeing how she's quite simple I'm bothered by those mishaps too, especially considering the asking price but at the end of the day the pros outweigh the cons for me.

    Yeah, pretty sure we've got similar picture tents too, but I never bother ironing the fabric. Feels futile to me since you can't really go full power while ironing with that type of fabric. Plus those creases are fairly deep.
    I'm pretty sure there's also a kind of paper you can use as a background, I tried googling it but only found it in quantities I could never use up. x3
    1 minuten geleden
  • tharglet submitted a comment on [Artikel #42595] shop2000?
    Will you get an item? Yes, you will get what is on offer.

    However, what is on offer is a counterfeit good - these shops take the original, make a cast from it, and produce many copies without the permission of the person who originally made the kit or the rightsholder. Some recasts can be high quality, others are terrible.

    Some people give recasters a pass, as it can be the only way of getting a very limited item, and a good portion of the work is done by the end user to make it 'theirs'. However, whether you want to support recasters or not is your choice.
    3 minuten geleden
    Just a heads-up for those of you who order this figure from US retailer Lunar Toy Store, I received the following email from them saying that they had to cancel my pre-order:

    Dear Customer,

    It has come to our attention that the Chun-Mei figures will no longer be available. All preorders will have to be cancelled and every order will be refunded immediately, if not done so already. We have done our best to receive as much as we could in order to make our customers happy but unfortunately due to high demand and unavailability we will not be able to fulfill these orders. If more of this item becomes available from our distributor, you will be contacted immediately.

    We sincerely apologize for this huge error and inconvenience

    LTS Support Team


    I'm not sure if they cancelled all the outstanding pre-orders for this figure. Kinda sucks, but oh well that's life.
    4 minuten geleden
    Unless the seller physically wrenches the money from your hands and then slams the figure in its place, no they aren't robbing you.
    5 minuten geleden
    Welcome to the board KuroShiro97! :)

    Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
    If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at the official MFC club.

    Enjoy your stay! ^^
    6 minuten geleden
    A lot of people either don't know about Japanese sites like Mandarake, or don't like buying from overseas. Not to mention, some people don't really do much price-checking because they assume eBay has the best prices.

    At least for Japanese collectibles, eBay sellers mostly just compete against eBay sellers. If an item is actually selling regularly on eBay for $200, it's understandable for people to opt for that price rather than trying to beat out every possible deal someone may find elsewhere.

    Ultimately, it's up to buyers to be educated and to determine if an item is worth the cost.
    7 minuten geleden
    Would love to see an Erica Lindbeck figuarts PS4 Black Cat to accompany this figure.
    9 minuten geleden
  • migur submitted a comment on [Artikel #42595] shop2000?
    probably bootleg/recasts
    11 minuten geleden
    I mean Ebay is definitely not the first site that comes to mind for cheap figure prices already.
    Solaris can sell a figure for 40$ a moment then the next they'll increase the price to 400$, so.. Mandarake and amiami are usually solid though, I wouldn't compare ebay or amazon with them.
    This happens all the time, not something new.
    11 minuten geleden
PVC anime figure store.