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Akihabara is a figure paradise where there are many shops selling new, used and out of production figures. Hot selling figures have a limited life span in Japan, what's hot this month usually ends up in the used section the next month. Most of the figures that are sought after by collectors outside of Japan sit around collecting dust in clearance bins for amazingly low prices.

There are of course cases when figures will be rare and priced well over the original retail price, these prices are still only a fraction of the inflated prices you'll see on auction sites.

This club is for those that need assistance on locating figures that have already been released or out of production and can be found in Akihabara and other surrounding figure meccas like Nakano Broadway.

To keep better organization with single or multiple item checks please make your own thread in the discussion section of this club. This way I can reply to specific requests instead of having to scroll down the main page of the club.

Within your request thread be sure to have a detailed description. (character name, maker, scale, pic, or official product page).

Price Check Request Example:

I am currently looking for this:
Azone Cagalli figure/11177_ca...

I don't mind them used as long as there is no damage or missing parts.


Please feel free to request checks on plushies, resin kits, Transformers if it comes from Japan I will see what I can do.
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Just did a quick pricing round in Akihabara will be PMing some members who updated their requests.
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