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A place for posting links to good sales and bargains. Or if you want to share a coupon , here is the place for it!

Please post your play-asia coupons in the play-asia discussion thanks XD

Hi all i added a new discussion called User sales so if you have anime items for sale on ebay or anywhere else then feel free to list the links

UPDATE : the sales have being moved off of the main page and split into 3 new sections

Figures sales from official shops club/29/&pa...
Media sales from official shops for manga ,dvds , cds , games ...ext club/29/&pa...
Merchandise sales from official shops for t-shirts , cups , dakimakura .. ect club/29/&pa...

Please in future please use these discussion to post the sales that you find and remember that all sales must be for anime/manga related goods
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Hi there, I was wondering how do you join the club? Thanks!
15 uur geleden
selling various doujinshies on ebay (hope this is the right subforum this site is bit confusing xD)

anyways heres the link www.ebay.co.uk/...
2 dag(en) geleden
Selling everytihing on this list,various figures and merchan:

LIST #97698

PM for info,pics and prices! I'm located in Spain but I'll ship worldwide
3 dag(en) geleden
selling everything on this list:
LIST #96088

and a lot of petits:

message me for more information and prices. Most figmas have missing parts and are therefore cheap. everything is without box! i'm located in the netherlands
7 dag(en) geleden
Hello all! I'm selling an extra KanColle Ichiban Kuji Haruna poster. I kind of need some money to repay family and taxes that are coming up.

The price is flexible, free shipping for continental US, and willing to do free shipping to Canada (depends where in Canada)

Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~ - Haruna - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Premium Kan Colle Manatsu no Kan Musume Darake no Suiei Taikai!: CLASSIFIED #145799
8 dag(en) geleden
takenyaka Lunar Kaworu
if someone has a TOM coupon they don't need, can you please share it with me? thank you very much <3
9 dag(en) geleden
I am selling all the figures on my list. Please feel free to send me a private message.

LIST #92390

That list includes the following:

One Piece POP Boa Hancock
One Piece POP Marco encore
Digimon GEM Angemon
Dragon Ball Master Star Piece Vegeto
Dragon Ball Master Star Piece SS Goku
Dragon Ball Master Star Piece blue Vegeta
Naruto GEM Uchiha Itachi
Naruto GEM Minato
Naruto Tsume Sasuke
Naruto Tsume Naruto
18 dag(en) geleden
Does anyone from Europe sell Bandai Hunter x Hunter Gon figure?
This one: ITEM #219760
Please pm me.
19 dag(en) geleden

Hello! I'm selling Kuroko no Basket straps!
PM me if you're interested in buying!

Those are the ones I have for sale.
20 dag(en) geleden
I am really trying to sell a couple of figures as to aid much needed help with bills. I'll take offers and will ship internationally!

• Touken Ranbu Yamatonokami Yasusada & Kashuu Kiyomitsu Nendoroid Co-De with GSC exclusive rubber straps - No packaging.
Item #464637 + Item #464640

• Koukaku Kidotai S.A.C. - Kusanagi Motoko - Figma #237 - S.A.C.ver. (Max Factory) -

Thank you ~
24 dag(en) geleden
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