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Club Status: active
Please leave addition requests in the comments! I will try my best to add them all!

Who doesn't love the classic "emo" hairstyle?
Welcome to the club, I hope you find what you're looking for!

What counts as "hair covering one eye"?
💜 Well, of course, hair that covers one (or most of one) eye! 💜
💜 Good examples; 💜
Kuroki Tomoko
💜 Examples of what doesn't count; 💜
Takanashi Rikka: Eyepatch, not hair
Komori Kinoko: Hair covering both eyes
Raven: No hair or face visible

Currently looking for mods! If you'd like to be one, PM me! (NayanMori)

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Melone Can't copy platinum
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MeatwadBishoujo my daddy and my mommy and my da
I was LITERALLY just thinking about making a club for this. Finally!! A place for me!!! (and other emo bang lovers lol)
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