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Welcome to Nopan Nirvana!

Warning: Due to the nature of this club, it should be considered NSFW. If you are easily offended by plastic figures not wearing panties, please turn back now.

Nopan Nirvana is a club for fans of nopan (no panty) style figures such as those where:
  • the figure may wear other garments, but no panties.
  • the figure can be displayed with the panties removed.
  • the panties are designed for exposure (e.g. crotchless panties), or they are damaged, torn, pulled aside or down far enough to expose the crotch.

Other considerations that aren't mandatory, but often enhance the figure's overall nopan appeal include:
  • outfits such as dresses or skirts with short hemlines (e.g. mini skirts, etc.)
  • poses that help show off the figure below the waist (e.g. bending over, kneeling, squatting, sitting or reclining with legs spread, standing or kneeling with hands lifting skirt, etc)
  • high level of detail for the genitalia (inclusion of labia minora, clitoral hood, etc) instead of low detail (only labia majora and pudendal cleft) or no detail (blank crotch area AKA Barbie doll)
  • inclusion of anus

Some example figures without panties include the following:
ITEM #15974 / ITEM #15975
ITEM #54019

And some examples with removable panties include the following:
ITEM #236412 / ITEM #271054 / ITEM #282465
ITEM #282111 / ITEM #302574

Photo Challenge #9 "Bottomless Beach"https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/07/10/3167803.jpeg
Winning pic by RDZZZ

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why Nopan?
Nopan is a somewhat popular fetish that appeals to males and females who are fond of seeing girls without panties as well as females who find it daring, empowering, enjoyable, liberating and sexy to be in public without panties. To some, a girl wearing certain types of clothing without panties is even sexier than if she was fully nude. The appeal of this fetish extends to various art forms including collectible figures.

2. Why not just use the tagging system?
Ideally, that would be all we need. However, the tagging here at MFC tends to be somewhat inconsistent, and many figures without any panties omit the "No Panties" tag. Meanwhile, figures that have removable panties are very inconsistent in their tagging with most only listing the general "Cast Off" tag instead of more specific tags such as "Removable Panties", "Exposable Vagina", etc.

3. Why a club?
Due to the inconsistent tagging (in #2) and because there are likely other collectors that may be interested in such figures (due to #1), a club may be helpful for collectors to help each other find more nopan style figures beyond what current tag searching allows. As more figures are identified, we may be able to help provide more consistent tagging of such figures as well.

4. Can I join?
Sure! This club is open to anyone interested in nopan figures. If you know other members that might be interested, feel free to invite them to join as well!

5. Anything else I should know?
  • If you know of potential nopan figures that aren't tagged with "No Panties", "Removable Panties" or "Exposable Vagina", please add comments and we'll work to get those tagged appropriately.
  • If you have pictures of nopan figures, especially ones without many pictures in the MFC database, it would be great to see them get uploaded.
  • There are multiple forum threads for members to discuss or vote for various aspects of nopan figures. We would love to hear from each of you.
  • Nopan Nirvana does not condone censorship of figure photos. Artists should be supported by displaying their artworks fully. As a result, photos that include any kind of censorship (blurring, mosaics, stickers, etc) are generally not linked to the club. Rare exceptions may occur for older figures with no alternate photos available.
  • Nopan Nirvana does not support 'cancel culture', oppression or discrimination in any form. Any authentic nopan figure is eligible for linking to the club regardless of their body type (tall, short, big, small, busty, flat, mature, loli, etc), species (human, catgirl, succubus, monster, etc), origin (anime, manga, original, etc), scale (1/6, 1/7, 1/8, etc), manufacturer, producer, sculptor or artist.
  • Nopan Nirvana does not support bootleg figures. Producing and selling such figures is a form of theft. Buying, selling, transporting or owning such figures may be illegal in certain jurisdictions. As a result, photos of figures identified as bootlegs will not be linked to the club.
  • The linking for additional Related Pictures and Related Items (figures) will be on-going as new photos are identified or uploaded to the site.
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Reminder - there are just 6 days left to submit photos for the Bottomless Beach photo challenge: thread/18575
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The club recently hit a new milestone:

800 members!

It is wonderful to witness the club's continuing growth. When the Nopan Nirvana club began about 4.5 years ago, I had no idea that it could become this popular. I deeply appreciate the increasing membership, your interest and support. We are especially thankful for those members that continue to upload and share photos of their nopan figures. As the admin of this club, it continues to be an honor and privilege to link your nopan photos to the club, allowing other members to easily find and admire quality nopan content. Thank you!
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Happy No Panty Day!
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Just a quick reminder that June 22nd is No Panty Day! You can help celebrate this amazing holiday by taking some pictures of one or more of your nopan figures and posting them here at MFC.

For more info about No Panty Day checkout these links:
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Voting for the Thigh Highs photo challenge is now open. thread/18491

It was great to see increased participation in this contest, and we ended up with 6 entries. Good luck to everyone!
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This is a reminder that there are just 6 days left in the current photo challenge "Thigh Highs" thread/18491
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What a Cool Club!
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If you haven't participated in the current poll yet, we'd like to get your feedback: thread/18496

From the initial results, it looks like members are enjoying multiple things about the club, and that's great to hear. We'll continue adding links to nopan pictures and nopan figures, along with monthly updates to the Outstanding Nopan thread and new photo challenges. If you have other suggestions to improve the club, let us know.

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Mitch07123 maand(en) geleden#108921870How do I add a club to my photos? I search for it when editing the club for the photo and get, "No results found"
You need to have the appropriate permission from the club to do that. Typically that ability is only available to a club's admins and moderators.
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Mitch0712 Succubus Scholar
How do I add a club to my photos? I search for it when editing the club for the photo and get, "No results found"
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