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☆Intl Studio Trigger Fan Club☆
Welcome all Trigger fans ☆ Please feel free to join!

Let's Be Friends!

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Established on August 22, 2011 by Hiroyuki Imaishi and Masahiko Ohtsuka.

Trigger is known for its use of an eccentric tone and fast-paced visuals.


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Thanks for the invite friend ^.^
2 maand(en) geleden
:D Cheers for the invite.
2 maand(en) geleden
wooow! as everyone said, thanks for the invite!!! :)

oh by the way, my favorite Studio Trigger anime is Hacka-Doll the Animation!!!
10 maand(en) geleden
Thanks for the invite! :)
11 maand(en) geleden
Thanks for the invite!
How did you find me anyway? :D
1 jaar geleden
Thank you for the invite! I love Studio Trigger, especially their works Kill la Kill and Darling in the FranXX : )
1 jaar geleden
Oh, I've been found out as a Trigger fan! Thanks for the invite!
1 jaar geleden
Hey! Thanks for the invite :D
1 jaar geleden
Thanks for the invite :)
1 jaar geleden
Diana Nendoroid needs your help! The bad news first, the Diana Nendoroid isn't confirmed. Trigger wants it to happen, but GSC hasn't approached them about it. We don't know how GSC feels about it. We know that Diana is LWA's most popular character, however. So what we can do is let GSC know that there is real demand for a Diana Nendoroid! If we don't do anything, it isn't happening. Here is how you can help if you're interested:

1. Take a photo of your Akko Nendoroid and tweet a message at @GSC_Product, @lwa_jp or or @gsc_kahotan saying that you want a Diana Nendo to go along with her.
2. Send a message to any of those accounts simply saying something like: リトアカのダイアナのねんどろいどが欲しい!
3. When the Lotte Nendo is revealed by Kaho-tan or the official account, send as many "リトアカのダイアナのねんどろいどが欲しい!" or similar messages as you can. Ideally, most of the replies to the tweet should be requests.
4. Silently support the cause and simply follow: twitter.com/Dia...

A believing heart is your magic!
1 jaar geleden
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