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A club for fans of the Chinese figure company, Myethos.
Website: www.myethos.hk/
Twitter: twitter.com/mye...
Weibo: weibo.com/Myeth...

Illustrator credits:
Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood: Monogo (Pixiv)
Alice, Queen of Hearts, and White Rabbit: Ask (Pixiv) ENCYCLOPEDIA #57044

MFC currently does not allow non Japanese related items in it's database. Make sure you have read the database guidelines when adding items, espically if they are from a non Japanese manfacturer.

If you have pictures of Myethos's figures uploaded to the site let me know in the comments and I will link them. Tag your images with the tags below if you want to add them to each figure's gallery.

Click to View List of FiguresHidehttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/blog/80/26180.jpg Name | Version
Origin | Comment
Illustrator | Sculptor | Item link
Status | Release Date | MSRP (Yen)
Scale | Tag (pictures)/MFC Gallery link |
ImageHideOfficial image or latest prototype here. Click image to visit source.

Fairy Tale ~Another~ line

https://www.biginjap.com/45485-large_default/reflex-fairytale-another-snow-white-18-.jpg Snow White
© Monogo | Myethos
Released | Feb 2015 | 8,800
1/8th scale | myethos_snow_white | ImageHidehttp://hkca17bb.hkpic1.websiteonline.cn/upload/3in1_qy2b.jpg

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2015/08/0b5b793c33bd42d8a733a2b797c4df4c.jpg Little Red Riding Hood
© Monogo | Myethos
Released | Aug 2015 | 8,800
1/8th scale | myethos_riding_hood | ImageHidehttp://hkca17bb.hkpic1.websiteonline.cn/upload/3in1_x875.jpg

https://www.1999.co.jp/itbig34/10341965.jpg Alice
© Ask | Myethos
Released | Jan 2016 | 10,800
1/8th scale | myethos_alice | ImageHidehttp://hkca17bb.hkpic1.websiteonline.cn/upload/3in1_fyoe.jpg

https://www.biginjap.com/65964-large_default/fairytale-alice-in-wonderland-another-queen-of-hearts-18.jpg Queen of Hearts
© Ask | Unknown
Released | Oct 2016 | 11,800
1/8th scale | myethos_queen_of_hearts | ImageHidehttp://hkca17bb.hkpic1.websiteonline.cn/upload/3in1_fyjb.jpg

https://www.biginjap.com/97264-large_default/fairytale-another-alice-in-wonderland-another-white-rabbit-18.jpg White Rabbit
© Ask | Myethos
Released | May 2019 | 12,778
1/8th scale | myethos_white_rabbit | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20180612/5b1fac5c9eb80.jpg

https://www.biginjap.com/112857-large_default/fairytale-another-little-mermaid-18.jpg Little Mermaid
© Fuzichoco | Myethos
Released | Dec 2019 | 19,800
1/8th scale | myethos_little_mermaid | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20190626/5d13050d65217.jpg

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2020/06/7f4ce669bba04ea1b3115b7950bf7bd8.jpg Cheshire Cat
© Ask | Unknown
Preorder | May 2021 | 19,800
1/8th scale | myethos_cheshire_cat | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20200624/5ef305e8c9099.jpg


https://www.biginjap.com/73548-large_default/vocaloid-4-library-stardust.jpg Stardust
© Ask | Myethos
Released | Apr 2017 | 11,800
1/8th scale | myethos_stardust | ImageHidehttp://img.amiami.jp/images/product/main/163//FIGURE-022630.jpg

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2020/06/1a5bc181929d44d5bd20585d64360406.jpg Hatsune Miku | Shaohua Ver.
© Ask | Myethos | ITEM #998271
Teased | TBA | TBA
1/7th scale | pictures.php?it... |

Wedding Dress Figures

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/368017.jpg Nia Teppelin | Wedding Dress Ver.
Gurren Lagann
Unknown | Myethos | ITEM #368017
Released | Mar 2017 | 11,800
1/8th scale | pictures.php?it... | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20160627/57708de4388eb.jpg

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/485674.jpg Holo | Wedding Dress Ver.
Spice and Wolf | Collab with TOM
Unknown | Myethos | ITEM #485674
Released | Jan 2018 | 11,800
1/8th scale | pictures.php?it... | ImageHidehttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/large/485674.jpg

Chinese Series/Games

https://www.biginjap.com/74182-large_default/the-legend-of-sword-and-fairy-zhao-ling-er.jpg Zhao Linger
The Legend of Sword and Fairy
Unknown | Myethos
Released | Jun 2017 | ‎11,800
1/7th scale | myethos_zhao_linger | ImageHidehttp://img.amiami.jp/images/product/main/163//FIGURE-022737.jpg

https://www.biginjap.com/85704-large_default/houkai-gakuen-seele-vollerei-18.jpg Seele Vollerei
Houkai Impact 2
Unknown | Unknown
Released | Nov 2017 | ‎13,800
1/8th scale | myethos_seele | ImageHidehttp://wx1.sinaimg.cn/mw690/e8d3998agy1ff2faneczpj211j0rs0y4.jpg

https://www.biginjap.com/85863-large_default/senkan-shoujo-r-light-cruiser-yi-xian-.jpg Yat Sen
Project R Warship Girls
Unknown | Unknown
Released | Jan 2018 | ‎12,800
1/7th scale | myethos_yat_sen | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20171121/5a13b336ef7e0.jpg

https://www.biginjap.com/85933-large_default/the-legend-of-qin-shao-si-ming-normal-version.jpg Shao Siming
Qin's Moon | Collab with Manluotuo
© Ask | Unknown
Released | Feb 2018 | ‎12,800
1/7th scale | myethos_shao_siming | ImageHidehttp://wx3.sinaimg.cn/large/e88e0a63ly1fdvlx5jmxqj20m80y5h3q.jpghttp://wx3.sinaimg.cn/large/e88e0a63ly1fdvly9pw3rj20m80y5tit.jpg

https://www.biginjap.com/92265-large_default/yaoguai-mingdan-su-jiuer-18.jpg Su Jiuer
Monster List Coprod with Tencent
PSlenDy (PSD) | Azure
Released | May 2018 | ‎11,852
1/8th scale | myethos_sujiu | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20171227/5a43657241555.jpg]

https://www.biginjap.com/91467-large_default/houkai-3rd-mei-raiden-eternally-pure-ver-18.jpg Mei Raiden | Eternally Pure Version
Houkai Impact 3
© Ask | Azure
Released | May 2018 | ‎12,778
1/8th scale | myethos_mei_raiden | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20171121/5a13aeacf318e.png]

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2017/12/4bf65d91c3c940e893088733b9cae0cf.jpg Lin Yueru
Chinese Paladin: Sword and Fairy
Unknown | Myethos
Released | Dec 2018 | 668 RMB
1/7th scale | myethos_lin_yueru

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2019/06/1bac82e426204dc78b436403d21f3790.jpg Slokai
Iron Saga
STAR Shadow Master | Myethos
Released | Jul 2019 | 248 RMB
Non-scale | myethos_slokai

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2019/05/05d14b3e78244489b262afe6704e2bf9.jpg Judith
Iron Saga
© Ask | Myethos
Released | Aug 2019 | ‎14,800
1/8th scale | myethos_judith | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20190612/5d00db4ba611e.jpg]

https://www.biginjap.com/114025-large_default/kings-of-glory-zhen-ji-peony-pavilion-ver.jpg Zhen Ji | Peony Pavilion Version
King Of Glory
Unknown | Myethos
Released | Nov 2019 | ‎15,950
1/8th scale | myethos_zhen_ji | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20190722/5d3519ba1f699.jpg]

http://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20190816/5d560ff2095df.jpg Wu Xie, Zhang Qiling, Jie Yu Chen, Hei Xia Zi, Fat Wang | 7 figure set
Time Raiders
Unknown | Myethos
Released | Dec 2019 | ‎11,550
UNK scale | myethos_zhang_qiling myethos_jie_yu_chen myethos_hei_xia_zi myethos_fat_wang | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20190816/5d56151daabe4.jpg]

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2019/09/891378b4c1924c9390ea2ceb9f3b9bb5.jpg Teresa
Iron Saga | Collab with Ribose
Tui Tang Gushou nineo | Myethos
Released | Apr 2020 | 14,800
1/8th scale | myethos_teresa | ImageHidehttps://img.amiami.com/images/product/main/193/FIGURE-052992.jpg[/url]

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2020/01/328af86c51d54e7883c9c897fbbf7322.png 22 Niang & 33 Niang | Chinese New Year Festival Q Version
Electronic Nuclear Coke | Myethos
Released | May 2020 | 520 RMB
Non-scale | myethos_bilibili

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2019/09/1f8f5bac9c914b909964cbe5d75e1a1a.jpg Jr. Ootengu
Unknown | Myethos
Released | May 2020 | ‎16,000
1/8th scale | myethos_ootengu | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20190920/5d8481c1d7c56.jpg]

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2019/10/67ce9f37891741f8bda59ca0d2d0fff3.jpg Tushan Yaya
Fox Spirit Matchmaker
Unknown | Unknown
Released | May 2020 | ‎698 RMB
1/7th scale | myethos_tushan_yaya | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20191025/5db25e2d6af53.jpg]

https://www.biginjap.com/118811-large_default/a-z-a-z-b-17.jpg B
A-Z: | Good Smile Company as distributor
Neco | SunYaMing | ITEM #915372
Released | June 2020 | 13,800
1/7th scale | pictures.php?it... | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20191111/5dc853934a12d.jpg

http://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20200110/5e185169d74ae.jpg Tushan Yaya, Tushan Susu, Tushan Rongrong, Wangquan Fuqui, Dongfang Yuechu | 5 figure set
Fox Spirit Matchmaker
Unknown | Unknown
Preorder | Aug 2020 | ‎1,360 per piece
UNK scale | myethos_tushan_yaya myethos_tushan_susu myethos_tushan_rongrong myethos_wangquan_fuqui myethos_dongfang_yuechu | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20200110/5e185169d74ae.jpg]

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2019/12/ba06ccec1839428681fc219d90df33ac.jpg Wang Zhaojun | Flying Phoenix Version
King Of Glory
Unknown | Unknown
Preorder | Sep 2020 | ‎17,200
1/7th scale | myethos_wang_zhaojun | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20191227/5e05865c50a1b.jpg]

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2020/01/42f16e20435d4449a3218ef8cad7291f.jpg Eyjafjalla
Anmi | Unknown
Preorder | Oct 2020 | ‎889 RMB
1/7th scale | myethos_eyjafjalla | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20200118/5e21e4e5110e1.jpg]

Neco | SunYaMing | ITEM #970343
Preorder | Nov 2020 | 13,800
1/7th scale | pictures.php?it... | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20200409/5e8e9a9d32642.jpg

https://www.biginjap.com/127278-large_default/daomu-kylin-zhang-17.jpgZhang Qiling
Time Raiders
Unknown | Unknown
Preorder | Dec 2020 | 16,000
1/7th scale | myethos_zhang_qiling | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20200605/5ed9de1232b19.jpg

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2017/12/09ca0ba9b7404d20ae9ecb784020ebad.jpg Mei Raiden
Houkai Impact 3
Unknown | Unknown
Teased | TBA | ‎TBA

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2017/12/d5a6f122ee0740c0864b2c32ac0a3e23.jpg Kiana Kaslana
Houkai Impact 3
Unknown | Unknown
Teased | TBA | ‎TBA

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2017/12/66f2404cf835460b80d009cf2324eb09.jpg Bronya Zaychin
Houkai Impact 3
Unknown | Unknown
Teased | TBA | ‎TBA

Punishing: Gray Raven
Unknown | Unknown
Teased | TBA | TBA
1/8th scale

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2020/03/51b83626236745f3b66b3f79152c9ba5.jpgShang Xirui | Peking Opera Zhao Feiyan Ver.
Winter Begonia
Unknown | Unknown
Teased | TBA | TBA
1/7th scale


http://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/597971.jpg Celestia Ludenberck
Danganronpa | Collab with Emontoys
Unknown | Unknown | ITEM #597971
Released | Apr 2018 | 12,800
1/8th scale | pictures.php?it... | ImageHidehttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/large/597971.jpg

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/449239.jpg Dante
Devil May Cry | Collab with UMOE
Unknown | Unknown | ITEM #449239
Released | May 2018 | 20,000
1/6th scale | pictures.php?it... | ImageHidehttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/large/449239.jpg

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2018/08/59aca4d949ec418b9635b80bdf99f89e.jpg Wisteria
© Ask | Myethos
Released | May 2019 | 11,340
1/8th scale | myethos_wisteria | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20190612/5d00d8a806812.jpg

https://www.biginjap.com/111933-large_default/fategrand-order-archergilgamesh-18.jpg Gilgamesh
Fate/Grand Order | Distributed by Good Smile Company
Unknown | Azure | ITEM #603828
Released | Oct 2019 | 15,074
1/8th scale | pictures.php?it... | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20190612/5d00daffec8eb.jpg

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2019/11/0bd47d23382e460d969eff89fa0acb4d.JPG Lily Wine
Original | Collab with Ribose
© Ask | Myethos
Preorder | myethos_lily_wine | Aug 2020 | 14,800
1/8th scale | ImageHidehttps://img.amiami.com/images/product/main/194/FIGURE-054447.jpg[/url]

https://www.biginjap.com/123122-large_default/the-helpful-fox-senko-san-senko-17.jpg Senko
Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san | Distributed by Good Smile Company
Unknown | Unknown | ITEM #835807
Preorder | Oct 2020 | 11,636
1/7th scale | pictures.php?it... | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20200225/5e54834363ff7.jpg

https://www.biginjap.com/123555-large_default/national-treasure-silver-sachet-with-grape-flower-and-bird-pattern-.jpg Silver Sachet
Unknown | Unknown
Preorder | Nov 2020 | 11,340
1/7th scale | myethos_silver_sachet | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20200307/5e627cfcb9c84.jpg

https://www.biginjap.com/125803-large_default/white-album-2-setsuna-ogiso-17.jpg Ogiso Setsuna
White Album 2
Unknown | Nijah | ITEM #936126
Preorder | Dec 2020 | 16,000
1/7th scale | pictures.php?it... | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20200430/5eaa624e007ca.jpg

https://www.biginjap.com/125792-large_default/white-album-2-kazusa-touma-17.jpg Touma Kazusa
White Album 2
Unknown | Nijah | ITEM #936129
Preorder | Dec 2020 | 16,000
1/7th scale | pictures.php?it... | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20200430/5eaa647b3a90e.jpg

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2020/07/e88a4cfb8a57472e87c7dd2bc53ea99c.jpg Argenta
Dragon Nest
Unknown | Unknown
Preorder | April 2021 | 13,800
1/7th scale | myethos_argenta | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20200729/5f20d2fea48e3.jpg

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2020/06/e4c891992f5d49b28af6749041d666c3.jpg Feena
Ys Origin
Unknown | Unknown | ITEM #909164
Preorder | June 2021 | 19,800
1/8th scale | pictures.php?it... | ImageHidehttp://www.myethos.hk/upload/image/20200624/5ef306e99d462.jpg

http://res.hpoi.net.cn/gk/cover/s/2019/06/7a995fedbc394f578b5a9ef30667b8c5.JPG Candy
Original Character
Mentality | Myethos
Teased | TBA | TBA

A list of Myethos's figures can be found on MyAnimeShelf
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evenstar882 dag(en) geleden#81157225Just an update for those who preordered her - Lily Wine's release date has been set to 10th August in China.

Judging by the situation so far with shipments and all, I think she'll ship out in September from Japanese stores.
6 uur geleden
Just an update for those who preordered her - Lily Wine's release date has been set to 10th August in China.
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Smittywerbenya3 dag(en) geleden#81112250Everyone, please do not buy from MonkeySoup-OP. He's just a reseller/scalper.
He was buying Seele earlier and now he is selling it (A post I cannot find anyone in this club but if anyone remembers recently, he was trying to buy Seele for 350 usd). And this is not the 1st time he has done this. I can find anyone Stardust, Seele, whatever for cheaper than whatever this guy is selling it for. Same with BlazinBacon who sold Stardust twice under different names on discord and MFC.
I have been keeping this information on the low because it really comes down to the buyer to do their research but seeing people fall victim to scalpers like is just disgusting.

Thanks for the advice, these people are the worst part of the hobbie, playing with the desires of others...
3 dag(en) geleden
Everyone, please do not buy from MonkeySoup-OP. He's just a reseller/scalper.

He was buying Seele earlier and now he is selling it (A post I cannot find anymore in this club but if anyone remembers recently, he was trying to buy Seele for 350 usd). And this is not the 1st time he has done this. I can find anyone Stardust, Seele, whatever for cheaper than whatever this guy is selling it for. Same with BlazinBacon who sold Stardust twice under different names on discord and MFC.

I have been keeping this information on the low because it really comes down to the buyer to do their research but seeing people fall victim to scalpers like is just disgusting.
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bbmio4 dag(en) geleden#81055671Argenta up for preorder on Amazon Japan:

That was fast! Though I will wait and see if Japanese stores open the preorder ^^
4 dag(en) geleden
Argenta up for preorder on Amazon Japan:

4 dag(en) geleden
I haven't yet received a reply from Myethos about Argenta being available outside of China, but I did just check their website and she is now listed there under their collection with her price being listed in Japanese Yen. This pretty much confirms that she'll be up for preorder in most Japanese stores soon.

5 dag(en) geleden
There's a slightly damaged Red Riding Hood on ebay for anyone looking for one:
6 dag(en) geleden
Authoritah6 dag(en) geleden#80950229View spoilerHide spoilerI just noticed this on Myethos' weibo:
Apparently it's a collab with some Chinese company but Google translate is not translating everything properly. It's from a game (probably mobile game) called Dragon Valley and the character's name is Algerta. POs open today, but she's might be exclusively available in China.
EDIT: On second thought I'm not sure it's a game she's from. I'd be grateful if anyone could give any insight into this. Thanks!
Also link for TaoBao:
EDIT 2: I actually managed to get a hit after some searching. She's actually from a game called ''Dragon Nest'' which is an MMORPG for PC. The game is available worldwide too which might mean she'll show up in Japanese stores. I'll be sure to send Myethos an email to check.

Thank you for the update! Once again, it's amazing that Myethos has come out with a brand-new fully painted prototype out of nowhere. At first glance, I thought she was an upgraded Red Riding Hood version XD

I have updated the club list of figures with her. The character's name is Argenta, and she is from a RPG called Dragon Nest (as Authoritah has stated :D). The game is developed by Eyedentity Games, a South Korean company so I believe she is NOT allowed in the database.
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melomania7 dag(en) geleden#80943360Sure! Here they are: drive.google.co...
He has a cute lil blush, but my camera is having a hard time picking it up. Super happy with him though!
ishidoro7 dag(en) geleden#80949785oh you're lucky you got the one with blush! hopefully mine will come with a blush too.

Thank you so much! He’s definitely cute, but I’m also definitely hoping for the blush! The way your camera doesn’t pick it up makes him seem so plain and boring
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