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A club to appreciate the sweet and adorable rice loving idol of μ's, Hanayo Koizumi!

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06 maand(en) geledentsubaki24tsubaki24
I can't seem to link my Hanayo shrine, but here you go. picture #1752702

I have seen a couple photos, but I know more are out there.
21 jaar geledenMoejoejinMoejoejin
All hail the rice goddess
72 jaar geledentacholatachola loves you!!
god bless!! hanayo is best girl and must be protected at all costs ♥
52 jaar geledenmintbunnymintbunny The Geeky Bunny
I watched the anime and I fell hard for her. I love her. Best girl.

♥ Hanayo Koizumi Fan Club ♥


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