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piyochan aka xenetes
Clearing out most of my free goods~
LIST #101857
3 jaar geleden
Hello minna!!! I want to ask you for HELP! Because its the time!!!!!

I always wanted the Rin's Figma for have one minimum of 3 pg.. of Free...
(and get RinHaru for fans)
So, here my petition, help to ask at GOOD SMILE!!!!


Thank you!
4 jaar geleden
3rd season is coming, guys! *-*
4 jaar geleden
Hello, you will need to read this!!! Its about ALTER FREE figures.
BLOG #29464

I need a lot of help of FREE FANS!!!
Really read, please, if you dont want the rest of figures, please, send a mail too, we need help to complete the collection!!!!!
Please please please!!! Share to any website, in my profile have a picture with information too, to put quickly to anywhere. But please send inquiry.

Click here directly to ask for Rei, Nagisa and Sousuke

Thank you a lot <3
5 jaar geleden
Looking for people to take Nao, Natsuya, Ikuya & Asahi club/618/discus...
5 jaar geleden
Taking offers for a lot of Free! goods.

LIST #62331

I'm located in Boston, MA, USA. Please PM me if you have any questions! Thanks.
5 jaar geleden
selling most of my strap collection pm if interested LIST #66428 and others
5 jaar geleden
Nagisa's birthday goods is out! They're so adorable www.kyotoanimat...
5 jaar geleden
I've compiled a list of clear files for the Free! series. I'll link it here for any other clear file collectors.
LIST #64950
5 jaar geleden
If anyone is interested, I'm hosting two splits club/618/discus... and club/618/discus...
5 jaar geleden
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