Berichten Big Figures: What takes up the most space in your collection?

  • This bad girl ITEM #464829 has the tip of her standard touch the upper shelf in one of my Detolfs, and the flow of her gonfalon makes her quite wide. She basically takes up 2/3 of the shelf.
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    ITEM #396908 is definitely the tallest, but my biggest space-waster has to be the Eurojank 2077 Collector's Edition statue - the base on that thing is absolutely huge and the bike sticks out quite a bit, all of which makes it pretty hard to find a space for it.
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    I ended up selling my largest figures to make room for my first 1/4 scale, and a few others that will be really big like shibuya scramble red emilia, and next purple and purple heart
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    ITEM #144312 takes up a whole corner of my closet shelf. I have to angle her just right so her hair and skirt aren't poking other figures.

    ITEM #91361 is one of my biggest, so she sits at the back, where I can see her face (and tiny Luffy) just above the others.

    ITEM #78366 just has to show off her gorgeous single wing, which means she ends up wrapping around whatever figure I can slip in beside her XD

    ITEM #109622 has a pose and hairdo that makes it difficult to display her around figures that can't work between the sway of her posture just right, but she's totally worth the trouble <3
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    ITEM #681567 For sure. Although thankfully F4F made him very space efficient so he only takes up space vertically. Surprisingly the one's that take up a ton of space are smaller than the F4F statue, ITEM #686543 and my Model Palace Moria which isn't in the database because its unlicensed. Their base is huge and they take up a lot of space horizontally so I can't put other figures next to them.
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    The stock picture doesn't do it justice, and it's not a figure, but this ITEM #694683 b i g b o y e undoubtedly is the largest piece in my collection. He's absolutely incredible, my boyfriend got him for me as a gift before we went long distance, and every time I look at him chilling in my room, I'm in awe at the size of him all over again lmao PICTURE #2792159

    Largest actual figure I have is actually just a different Kirby ITEM #549375 Not huge by any means, but majority of the figures I have are pretty small, so Kirby's robobot armor being decently wide makes him really eye catching haha
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    takiuto Gk addict
    NSFW warning

    ITEM #388953
    ITEM #118035
    Both dont look like they would, but I seriously couldnt fit them into one detolf unless it was just them two. Their hair extends oike a extra 4 inches out so it's super hard to make them fit anywhere

    The largest figure in my collection is ITEM #1242777 obviously because shes lifesize lol
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