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  • There's a 0% chance you could get a bootleg from an official store like TOM. The stickers don't come from the manufacturer to prove authenticity, they come from whoever licenses the distribution/creation of the product. Outside of Japan, the licensing agreements are different, and a lot of figures just don't need to have the sticker. It's not good to rely on just the sticker to discern fakes. Bootleggers sometimes fake the stickers.

    You've already given proof that you bought from a reputable shop. Hopefully your buyer will understand this. Maybe send a link to TOM's website so the buyer can see for themselves it's a reputable shop like AmiAmi. If the buyer insists on a return, you might just want to oblige them and go for another less troublesome buyer. With difficult people, sometimes it's easier just to take the loss.
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    Nifffi8 maand(en) geleden#73891217Honestly people put too much faith in the sticker, it's not very reliable. About half the figures I have don't have stickers and they're all authentic.

    Same. I have a good chunk of figures that are all authentic, but have no stickers at all. I do know that GSC if you buy directly from them don't always put stickers on and it is hit or miss for the most part.

    @OP: IF it's from TOM it should be 100% legit and as others said stickers are pretty inconsistent.
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    Honestly people put too much faith in the sticker, it's not very reliable. About half the figures I have don't have stickers and they're all authentic.
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    It's Kadokawa, so you'll only find the Kadokawa sticker on units destined for the Japanese market. TOM usually gets units destined for international sales, so you won't have a Kadokawa sticker.

    The sticker being missing is far from being a certain tell - as well as internationally-bound items, they can also fall off or just be missed at the factory.

    Looking at bootleg pictures on a well-known seller of bootlegs, the "Phat!" logo has indeed been photoshopped off the box (removal of Phat!'s logo seems to be consistent with whatever factory is bootlegging the Phat! figures), so if the logo was there, it's highly unlikely to be bootleg.

    TOM is a GSC partner - partner.goodsmi... - so they won't be dealing with a dodgy supply chain.
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    Not all figures have the sticker you're asking about. Sometimes it depends where you got it. You should send a screenshot of the invoice from TOM, and just obscure the price you got it from. That should be enough proof.
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    First of all, you sent the buyer pictures of what they were going to get and sent them that. There really isn't any ground for them to claim that they were mislead in any way.
    Second, even if the figure was MIB, the box is a clear giveaway of a bootleg. They usually fotoshop the logo of the original company that made it off. Also I suppose that like most figures, the box had a window for one to be able to see the figure. Sometimes it's hard, but if one looks hard enough they can see differences when compared to the original or photos of it.
    Third, big retailers like TOM would never sell bootlegs because that is illegal in every Western(idk how it is in the rest of the world) country. Some small local company that serves a small, closed market that has no real competition would get away with something like that, but big retailers wouldn't. You'd only get bootlegs on Ebay, Aliexpress, Wish and other dodgy websites.
    Fourth and final thing I'll say is "are there people that honestly care about that thing?" It's not my business at any rate, but that seems like such an obscure thing to ask a full refund over imo.
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    Some figure boxes do indeed come without a sticker.
    The buyer could check some online pictures of the product and compare it to the item

    If you see the box pictures here on mfc you can see there isn't a sticker on those either


    Edit: whoops lol I only checked the back of the box
    The front does have one
    But still some boxes do come without one.
    I believe there are also some stickers that are only on boxes sold in japan and overseas boxes don't have the sticker.
    Still the buyer could just compare the item to online pictures.
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