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  • Well, lots of reasons can occur given that companies don’t have production in-house. They have to go to factories either abroad or in-country. Factories do bulk order and, as far as I know, rarely specific numbers. So let’s say a scale had about eighty thousand pre-orders. The factory producing the scale only takes orders of 100s, so will have to make one hundred thousand scales and not that eighty-thousand. Longer production time and thus delays. Another issue is of course overstocking. Not only do companies have to ensure that everyone who ordered the item gets it, but their items also hit store shelves. Then of course you have actual factory quality control. If you have one slight fuck up (or a noticeable) one, the options are to delay production to fix the problem or send our shoddy figures to the market and pray no one notices. More complicated figures, in terms of design and paint and what not, will take much longer to reach consumers.

    All said and done, figure companies do need to have something resembling a release date. They can’t just go,

    “Hey. We’re making this. Place your order now and we’ll get it out... I dunno, when we feel like it.”

    I mean, they can. But that’s more KickStarter territory. Anyhow, delays happen due to a number of reasons. Some idiotic, some actually really important (QC for example). Not to mention with social media one itty-bitty issue can have that company’s name dragged through the mud. Which they also don’t want.

    I should add, this is just my theory on why figures get delayed. Because something in the production got fucked up and they need to unfuck it.
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    i would 100 percent rather have a realistic figure release date further in the future than an unrealistic one that gets pushed back and back to no end in sight.

    i'm lucky enough to have never had a figure be delayed, but then again i've only successfully received one preorder (the rest have been aftermarket purchases). i'm going to guess that preorders get pushed for several reasons: (1) manufacturing issues, (2) more orders than expected, (3) holiday delays, (4) other figures somehow affecting the manufacturing of the one you've preordered, (5) bad batches
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    I'm not that familiar with preorders either, but to me it seems like the big names are more likely to delay. Kotobukiya is probably the only exception.
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    I'm still fairly new to figure collecting so this is just speculation, but I would think likely things such as trying trying to make the figure the best it can possibly be by putting more time into making them (I know games can be delayed for this reason), or getting more orders than anticipated and having to make more?
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