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    Wow.. talk about a lot of backlash.

    Let me be clear on a few things:

    1) I am glad that this topic evoked such a strong sense in people. Just reading the comments I can tell that people are passionate about what they wrote.

    2) I never said I would buy a second figurine to sell it but if it came to it I would sell my figurines if it were an absolute. I can't afford to gamble more then I have to with my cash just like the other guy.

    3) I am very glad to hear people commenting on this thread but keep in mind that I did say how would you offset the cost of rising figurine prices. No one has really answered what they would do. Well one did and they said they would sell older figurines that they were less attached to.

    So keep the comments coming

    Oh and one last comment from me; how can it be considered scalping when companies we deal with every day state a maximum we can buy. AmiAmi for one will or did have comments like Ma purchase 3 per household. If I were buying 10 - 20 of the same figurine for resale then yeah unless I am a legit resale business I would consider it being a scalper. But not if I purchase a second figurine for my enjoyment and if I decide to sell it and with any luck I make a few bucks good on me.

    = )

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    Well, no. I'm not really interesting in flipping anime figures since, well, not my thing. Plus, like others said, you need to take into consideration with the character not rising in price for a variety of reasons (the show was shit, the character was shit, the character was thrown away for another waifu, aliens invade, etc). Now, I do have a friend who scalps because that somehow makes a profit, but he has a usual job, so he only does that on the side. Wouldn't recommend scalping either.

    But I do have a similar philosophy; "One for Play, One for Display". As we remember I'm a big fan of Barkhorn and because I love the Nendoroid and A.G.P so much I bought another set of the two. So the new ones are on the Barkhorn display shelf and I have the orignals to play with. Now no problems in messing up my display when I want to play around with, say that Barkhorn Nendoroid and slap her against the Shirley one while making kissing noises.
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    There are better side hustles to be had.

    Or you can be boring like me - go all Warren Buffet / Jack Bogle by dumping your money in a low expense ratio index fund, and check back every few years.
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    Been collecting for years now, and due to life circumstances changing I'm forcing myself to sell at least a quarter of my collection. After accounting for shipping, inflation, and having to sell lower than retail stores, you are lucky if you break even and will lose money on nearly every single purchase, mark my words. Also you will need to sit on figures for a long time after release to seize the opportunity of retail stores selling out and the prices going up. Some figures just don't bubble up at all due to low demand and market saturation caused by the used market and stores keeping stock for a long time, or figure reruns.

    Then you have the issue of selling figures, which can easily take the time of a part time or full time job if you don't have experience and equipment (multiple sized boxes, packing material, and a workflow). You will have amazing customers that pay quickly and with no fuzz, but also have to deal with people back and forth and end up getting ghosted after having to package and weigh a bunch of figures. If you are like me, you will get rid of the stuff you need and never sell online again unless you need to sell stuff around the house in the future. To be fair, you will learn a lot, and you will feel what it is to be a seller and have a lot more respect for them.

    The only chance of making a semblance of profit is to buy limited run figures that eventually bubble up tremendously, but that requires a lot of experience and some luck better placed on trading stocks. There's a bunch of figures I own that have exploded in price but I inconveniently love them too much ಠ_ಠ. Figures are just too volatile to be a viable profit source, and a huge time sink, but that's just me.
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    I'd rather buy something I actually want to begin with instead of a pricey duplicate, rather than risking a big profit loss and possibly taking a preorder from someone who wants the figure. A few figures I've bought in the past like Kirigiri unexpectedly skyrocketed in price, but usually the cost doesn't inflate that high so quickly and to me it's not worth the trouble of hanging onto an unwanted figure until the value increases.
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    jumpluff Pegasus Knight
    I think, of all the money-making ventures you could go on, this isn't a good one in terms of payoff.

    Say you were good at calling them (there are observable patterns, after all, but I'd still say it's medium-risk low-reward). You're spending money upfront to recoup costs later - there'll be immediate supply of figures after the release, even if it's just from regret purchases and people wanting to sell POs, and prices won't peak immediately. You also have to ship them, spend time selling them, etc.

    That money sitting in your room in the form of your stock could have been spent on literally anything else before inflation. If you have enough income, you could save and invest, even.

    I empathise with this hobby being expensive. I budget quite a bit in advance for figures and adjust my spending elsewhere, all I can do since I can't work. I follow announcements years in advance and try to figure out what could come up as a surprise. So there are very rarely surprise purchases and they typically come out of my birthday money.
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    I only ever do this with small items. Due to the items that I collect being from one series (Pokemon) and how easy it is to predict when items will go up in profit. If it costs me 10 or 15 dollars to buy a plush knowing it will go up in price later, then there's no harm in buying two of it. I rarely do this though, usually when I buy two it's not to resell but to save for a friend who didn't get the chance to buy it.
    However, figures are a different story, because that's a lot of cash to drop at once with no guarantee of the aftermarket price.
    For example, a lot of people have a feeling that ITEM #740291 will skyrocket in the aftermarket due to being limited and exclusive. However this could very well not be the case (although likely).
    So if it weren't to skyrocket in price, you end up paying for the figure itself and shipping to you. I'd weigh that around $275 in total. You end up waiting a week, two maybe for it to ship to you. If you don't live in the US and you have to pay customs/taxes that could bite you as well. And then you end up reselling her for the price you paid, maybe a little above. You'd be out quite a bit of money for a long time. So it's really not something I would recommend risking unless you've got that kind of money to throw around.

    There are people who are successful at doing this (albeit I don't condone this, in the community I'm in scalpers are heavily shunned) and are able to predict what will be 'flippable' with minimal losses. It's at your own risk, but it isn't something I would do due to the inability to predict aftermarket.

    Anyways, I usually offset the cost of buying new stuff by selling old stuff. If I'm not willing to sell something I already own to pay for something new then I don't really want it that much.
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    There's definitly some easy one out there to guess to make money with, but I personnally consider this a waste of time. It doesn't help that shipping is kind of expensive in Canada and on top of that I can end up taxed if the CBSA feels like it. I also don't even know how many of a figure they will produce, making it even harder to know if they'll end up producing too much or too few. They could also end up making a quick re-release or another company could just release a much better one. Not to mention some have tanked after release, only to rebound sky high and end up undersea a few years later.
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    I'm sorry, I might sound too naive, but I hate that kind of behavior. Being a profiteer isn't something I could do...
    Selling an old figure you don't want anymore at a higher price because of its rarity is okay (in some limits), but buying several figures purposely to sell them afterwards is a bit indecent.
    This remains my own opinion and I understand people might think otherwise.
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    Interesting idea that I've thought of on more than one occassion. The problem with that is that it's a wild card on whether the figure price will increase or bin in the future. Of course, there's always the chance that it will stay the same but that would mean you would have a lot of competition with other sellers, stores, etc.

    All in all, I guess if you don't have magical see into the future powers to see how well a certain figure does in the aftermarket, you would wind up with around the same amount you had before but rounded up or down a few dollars. Not completely worth it in my own opinion, but I'm not one to resell just to offset my prices haha.

    People can always try to predict whether a figure will rise or fall based on chara, series, manufacturer, etc. but it'll never be completely accurate and there's always a chance of ending up with less than expected (of course, that could go completely the opposite way and you could hit the jackpot with a rare/limited fig lol). Maybe it'd be a bit different with higher end statues or something of the like? Not too sure, but those are my thoughts on the topic! Apologies for the essay :p
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