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Vocaloid - Hachune Miku - Music Box - Chibi Miku Music Box (SEGAVocaloid - Hachune Miku - Music Box - Chibi Miku Music Box (SEGA

MarshmallowpieMarshmallowpie10 jaar geledenReview
Normally, I stay away from Sega's figures, because although some can be good, others aren't, and when they're up for preorder, there isn't any way you can tell, since hardly ever they give you a photo of the actual figure, just an illustration. But when I saw this in person at a convention, I thought it didn't look too bad and decided to buy it. And, I'm actually pretty happy with her. ^^


The sculpting is very, very simple. But this is Hachune Miku, so really, the simple sculpting makes her a good, accurate figure. However, I was annoyed with the large seamlines on her twintails. [But this is just a cheap prize figure, so it's mostly okay.]

Just like the sculpting, the painting is simple. Mostly it's good, but there were a few little mess-ups. Again, though, I shouldn't be too picky of this figure, you get what you pay for, and this figure is pretty low priced.

Posing: A kinda boring pose, but it fits the character, it's the same as in that original illustration from the Ievan Polka video, and as this music box has Ievan Polka, it's good.

90% of why I bought this figure, the base is probably the best part. Not only does it look cute, with it's image of a flower-filled field, but it's a music box too~ listening to it play Ievan Polka is nice and definitely the selling point for this figure.

I find the packaging slightly simmilar to the box of Nendoroid Miku, as both have a grid on black, and bits of teal blue, pink and white. There is also this digital-looking print on it, slightly stange looking, but also looks pretty good if you don't think too much about it. Also, one thing about the box, it's very small, only around 130mm.

With the music box base, this figure is really enjoyable to look at as it spins around, however it doesn't get a perfect score because as it spins, well, if you look too close, you'll really notice the flaws. So, just don't look too close and enjoy the music, and this is a very cute figure.

Although no where near as detailed as a larger, more expensive figure by GSC, Koto or any of the other really good quality figure makers, this Hachune Miku is cute, and true to the silly spin-off of the real Hatsune Miku that she is. Really, if you are a fan of Miku, I see no reason why you shouldn't get this figure, she's a fun one to have in your collection.
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Lenneth the blue valkyrie
great review! And I so agree with you about SEGA toys. Most of the time they only show an illustration during the preorder stage and by the time the real figure is out and you can judge for yourself if it really is good, it's all sold out! xD
10 jaar geleden
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