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ZaffiraZaffira11 jaar geleden
Hello !
I'm going to present you Flandre Scarlet - Nendoroid, by Good Smile company, released on the 28/02/2011.
Flandre is the Remilia's sister, in the univers of Touhou Project.
I hope you'll like it ^o^
So, here we go !
(Sorry in advance for the fault)


As all the nendos, it is always the classic box in the colors of the character, so here, in orange / yellow and red. Inside, Flandre is in the middle, surrounded with her wings, with at the top, to the right, her weapon and to the left herhat. The rest is not visible when she is in her box.

Sculpting and painting

According to some photos, the hair of Flanders was really yellow (pikachu effect), but in fact, it is nothing. Everything is detailed well, with attractive gradations. The effect of wings, so dreaded, is beautiful.
Flandre possesses 2 alternative heads, 3 alternative arms, 2 "cuffs"), its weapon, her hat, her two wings and her base (which has a motive for all the touhou). her defects are the joint at the level of her drill (concealed as soon as we put the hat) and tracks of molding on the hair.
The only thin which could miss in this nendoroid is simply one peer of leg moreover, just to be able to make a little more dynamic poses.

The little world for the end
Having almost not to have her) (thanks to Otacute to have opened his préco at the end of January, during a very short lapse of time but which allowed me to pre-order her), I am really satisfied to have her. I am pleasantly surprised by her wings and the alternatives faces. Both are really very well, the one devilish, the other angelica (the most cute face which I possess moreover). I not not still which to put to tell the truth.
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Nice review :3
Now I'm getting even more excited to get my little Flandre-chan *^*
8 jaar geleden
spasepeepole026You called her Flanders. That's awesome :)
Owh~ Sorry.
Online traductor doen't like her name ~
11 jaar geleden
You called her Flanders. That's awesome :)
11 jaar geleden
Alice_MakiseVery nice review ^^
I can't wait for my Flandre! <3

Yhanks ^^
I hope you'll like her ! :D
11 jaar geleden
Very nice review ^^
I can't wait for my Flandre! <3
11 jaar geleden
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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