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MuntoeMuntoe7 jaar geleden
Hello everyone!
I wanted to share a garage kit I completed over my Winter Break! This is Suno and she's an original character by the circle RyunRyuntei (ITEM #14167). Apparently there's a whole story the sculptor has to these characters called Puni Color 23 and the characters are intended to represent various places in Japan. For more information you can check out this website (in Jp): www.ryunryuntei.... If you're absolutely in love with this kit RyunRyuntei also sold a version with fully color resin (similar to Volks CharaGumin) and I see them pop up on Mandarake every now and then so keep your eyes peeled :)

Even though this kit looks very small and unassuming she had ~39 parts. She's also very small height wise so it made for a slightly challenging build. I completely hand-painted her with acrylic paints and shaded her with pastels. It also kind of sucks because I didn't want to use magnets for her dress + sleeves so I ended up gluing the pieces right onto her body. At least I have proof I did all the lingerie lol. She also came with an alternative angry/upset face which is really cute so I painted that one too lol. I bought the little duckies and her base was made by Kotobukiya. I added all that hobby grass stuff and boy was it messy, it's like glitter lol.

Anyway without further ado here's some pictures (sorry for the pic spam)! Thank you for taking the time to look at this blog, it really means a lot.

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I could have sworn that I had already commented on your work o.0 haha all of us post everywhere but it's never too late LOL

I loved her! specially the upset little face, she looks super cute! :D
Me likes her!
7 jaar geleden
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
Thank you so much for your comments you guys ^^

@Maakie: I have never tried putting real clothing on my kits but I know some people who have! I have also seen figures with fake hair extensions...that can either work really well or really badly haha.

@DarkAscendant: Lol how did you know? :p I love using green but I think after my past two kits I am getting a little burnt out from it haha. My next kit will definitely be that WIP one so it'll be mostly black lol.

@Amy: Wow really? I love Chii, I hope to see her soon on here ^^
7 jaar geleden
wow how cute!! well done. first off, 39 parts!? wow!and second, that would be 40 for me as I just know I would have eventually knocked off the flowers trailing off her arm. haha

Thanks for sharing :D
7 jaar geleden
She looks beautiful. I am still working on my first garage kit ever of Chi. The little duckies are are nice touch.
7 jaar geleden
OhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
Aaaaaa~! This is one of my most wanted kits. ^^
You did a great job as always, and she's very unique.
7 jaar geleden
Kibi Prisma Kibino
She is adorable. I really, really love her dress!

Great job ^^ Share more of your kits with us!
7 jaar geleden
I love the translucent look of her eyes! And the freckles~
7 jaar geleden
Oh, wow! I'm super impressed! She's so adorable! Nicely done, especially her eyes and the sakura petals. You even painted her nails, so cute! And the shading of her skin is apparent too. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done :D
7 jaar geleden
Nice .. :)
i like the colour you picked.

your previous GK also had several green colouring too, i bet it`s your fave colour, hmm ?? :p
7 jaar geleden
Aww, she is soooo cute!

But without her clothes, her head looks pretty big/weird...so it is good that you have glued her clothes on! XD

Also love the website with the other characters from the series. The girl in the plastic bag and the girl that represents Tokyo Tower are so cute~!

I'm also working on a GK at the moment, she is almost completely finished: ITEM #15979 I am having her wear a real panty, have you ever tried working with materials like that for your GK's? ^^
7 jaar geleden
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