Purchases you're proud of despite them not taking effort?Purchases you're proud of despite them not taking effort?Misc

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Are there any purchases you've made that you're proud of despite them not taking much effort to get?

I say I'm a bit proud of winning an ebay auction for the Mami Tomoe nendoroid ITEM #75590 a few days ago, it was a sniper bid because i couldn't decide on whether i wanted it or not.

I'm just a bit prouder of my recent mercari jp purchase of the Pipo Password cd single ITEM #431979, because you don't come across them too often. It's a former rental cd too, so it's just a bit more special to me because it has history all over it!

So MFC, what are your proudest easy snags?

also did the site layout change and become a bit more minimalist or is my internet just bad this afternoon?
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Definitely Temptation Luka ITEM #464608 Pick me Up Miku ITEM #998272 and Christmas ver. Sonico ITEM #331570
None of them were suuuuper cheap, but I got all of them for half the price I should've; Luka was like ¥20000, Miku was ¥14000 and Sonico was I think ¥20000 aswell?? Again, not super cheap but considering I could've paid way more I'm proud of these finds, and I love each fig so much :3
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First figure that comes to mind is: ITEM #1203001 . She wasn’t an expensive figure but she’s very pretty and fits perfectly in my collection!

I got ITEM #760084 & ITEM #760082 each 70€-80€ brand new.

Also won ITEM #1109440 on Yahoo! Japan for 170€ iirc, assembled and painted by a professional.
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when i first started getting into collecting Madoka figures, I stumbled upon ITEM #92045 for $20 randomly, and she's one of my favorite figures ever!! I think she has tons of unique character n cuteness! $20 seemed to be a good deal for her too since I saw her later being sold for 2x and 4x the price :-)
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I backed when she was first announced, and I've always been so happy to have done so. She turned out truly gorgeous by the end of the whole backer project. One of my prized possessions, even outside of figure collecting.

EDIT: I'm new and when I add the link it just seems to disappear, but it's the T.O.M Holo 1/8 Wedding Dress figure, Item #485674.
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Managed to snag ITEM #1445479 for 6.5k (including domestic shipping) off of YJ!Auction and I can't wait for him to arrive.
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Picking up ITEM #227042 for ¥2000 on AmiAmi Pre-owned.

And randomly stumbling across Noe ITEM #1325973, and these ITEM #1349934 ITEM #1349937 GK plushes brand new in a local hobby shop for release price. ヽ(´∀`)ノ
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bkdk kacchan! ☆
ITEM #1118122 and ITEM #1118123. finding the penlight ribbons/straps isnt too diffcult secondhand but cinnamoroll's was very elusive. two listings popped up same day one mercari jp so i nabbed one ww

won ITEM #598436 for $37 on auction, last 14 hours i bid and surprisingly nobody else went for it. cheapest listing ive seen for her.
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I somehow managed to snag eight of the Good Smile Monogatari figures in one listing on Yahoo Auctions for $600 last week lol. A couple of them are still sealed and all have the authenticity seal.
ITEM #27598
ITEM #61092
ITEM #117500
ITEM #41761
ITEM #396840
ITEM #117967
ITEM #549385
ITEM #31747
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Getting ITEM #942262 with bonus head for 58 euro's mib after I recently started to play the game xD
Never had a scale figure that cheap!
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Mine would probably be purchasing ITEM #91192 unopened with slight box damage (a bit damaged corner). He cost me only 7,50 euros(around 1100 yen) and there was no shipping costs, because the shop(suruga-ya) was having free shipping worldwide campaign. While he is not the most wanted figure anymore he still was a steal in my opinion! I have never purchased such a cheap unopened Scale figure before.
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