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MichealMicheal8 dag(en) geleden
Hi everyone who might end up reading this,

First of all, I really love collecting. Not just figures, all kinds of things. It kept adding and adding and I refused to sell and it was fine. It helped me with overcoming pain, mentally as well as physically.

Till a turning point hit me.

After 3 years of suffering without knowing the cause, always extremely tired, waves of incredible pain in my body. We found out that I'm probably chronically ill, I will not go into details don't worry. But let's say there's no cure for this, there's things to make it more livable, but I will never be able to get rid of the always being tired and certain waves of pain.

This made me realise how fragile life can be, and what a drag it is to have so many items. I found experiences with my partner are way more important. Collecting will always be a part of me and something I love to do. But it's time for me to get rid of everything that isn't something I REALLY want.

But my biggest selling reason is because of me being always tired, I can't clean everything anymore, it gets too tiring. And knowing now there's no cure to that, I can't keep living that way.

Not sure why I ended up writing an article about this, probably to share a bit of my story and spread the word that spending time with your loved ones is important. And to take good care of yourselves, Thanks for reading :3

Much love
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Thanks for sharing your story, and I believe that sometimes getting things off your chest helps with coping with the crappy things life deals you. I don't have any ailments of late but I had shingles and covid multiple times and it suxs. I kinda got into collecting figures 2 years ago bc my soul mate told me they didn't love me anymore, so I picked up a new hobby to spend all my money on. My situation has not changed, but I do feel good about my figure collection :) Anyways, best of luck to you, and I hope that you are able to find relief to what ails you. As you said, try to enjoy life the best that you can, one day at a time.
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Elise_Grimwald We are Star*T*Rain!
Your situation sounds bad, and hopefully it gets at least better soon. What you have sounds a lot like fibromyalgia (I have a dr that's trying to diagnose me with it, and another that totally ruled it out, so IDK if I have it. But I still know information about it due to researching it after the initial diagnosis, and it sounds awful.), and I can only imagine how bad it is. Hopefully, they can get you a medication that works for you, and you at least have some times that are good. And that figures keep helping. It's good to at least be able to have some things positive, even if it is just plastic. You also have people in your life too, so there's them, as well.

I can 100% relate to not being able to clean everything due to illness, too. My poor figures haven't been dusted in months because my shoulders and neck hurt all the time due to being so stiff/I'm not sure what, and I can't dust more than a few figures at a time due to my body hurting so much after. My room is a freaking gross mess, and I hate it. There's no trash, but I hate how stuff is everywhere because of the fear of pain coming back. Figures also help me deal with my own issues, as well.
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Same here.
My family would like to have the best from me but I'm not sure I can give them... I'm just so sick. Collecting helps me cope with all these stuff but I don't know for how much long.
I hate my life.

But I wish the best for your life! I hope you might find happiness eventually.
8 dag(en) geleden
Damn that's tough to live with, hope everything will be fine for you.
8 dag(en) geleden
Good Luck with everything in your life!!
Hope you can get needed medication and find your new way to live your life!
Memories with loved one and enjoying the present moments with them are worth it!
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While not exactly similar, I experienced long periods of rehabs over the course of 5-6 years for injuries suffered. I used to move fast. And then I realised I can't anymore. But its ok. I learn to take it slowly and appreciate things better rather than rushing.. Maybe the greater being up there just want me to slow down and admire the little things in life.

I learn that in whatever situation we found ourselves in, there are always things to be thankful for, if we just change our perspective abit.. And, I am glad that you discovered things that truly matters for you :) I wish you the best and pray that new solutions may come to you and improve your circumstances.
8 dag(en) geleden
i dont have much to say besides that i'm in a similar boat... i especially relate to how hard it is to clean and just... manage life with your illness. regardless, im hoping for the best for you and your s/o :)
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I am chronically ill with no cure to my condition as well. I understand 100% where you are coming from and I have sold or missed out on figures simply because I know I can't physically dust them haha. Also space and money is a big thing.

You could be more picky with buying things in the future, or even take a break every once in a while, or not buy anything at all.
But if your collection makes you happy, try to keep the items that you can store, stored in their boxes right now.

You can still look at the items in box and be happy that you have something from series' and games that bring you joy.
Wishing you the best in navigating your life in the future, hoping all goes well for you ! :)
8 dag(en) geleden
Wishing you well!
8 dag(en) geleden
I am in an extremely similiar situation, wishing you the best.
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