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Well...2013 started off with awesome! With:

Shining Blade - Sakuya - 1/8 - Mode: Cerulean!!

She decided to stop by today...wasn't expecting her to drop by this fast but SHE DID!! Such a great NEW YEAR's GIFT!! :p

I ordered from FigureHaven this time, because they were the only place that I found that had her. And the Price was pretty fair too!! =) I have ordered from them a couple times, their $5 flat rate shipping and super fast shipping!! LIKE SUPER FAST! like 2 DAYS!! >v< is super awesome! But sometimes their things are priced fairly high compared to others...so they're like my last option.

ANYWAYS!! here is the LOOT =)

I forgot to take pictures of the package but there was a HUGE HOLE in the delivery BOX...other then that FigureHaven wraps their parcels very professionally and neat. With thick brown paper around the box and tissue paper wrapping the figure box like a present! And THEY ALWAYS give you a bookmark.

Here is the figure box:

-Pretty simple box, nothing really to fancy. The figure on the other hand was wrapped really nicely. She even had bubble plastic around her inner skirt to prevent it from bending and breaking off. Very thoughtful.

Sorta 360 View:

-I really like this outfit more then the Maxima Enfield version. I really like this BLUE ICY theme. It feels more special and magical. (not to sure how to describe)

Close Up:


Notes: She is a very pretty figure, I love her color scheme and her theme. The only thing I thought was kinda lame was that the POSE is exactly the same as the Maxima Enfield version. So it sorta makes it a little less unique.

Hope you guys ENJOY this little pictures.

Have a safe and happy NEW YEARS DAY!!~

(I really want the Crimson version!!! Its sold out even in pre-order!! WTH!! T__T)
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Which Shining Blade Sakuya do you like more?

24%Maxima Enfield
30%ALL!! >:C
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Woodlandbunny S.T.A.R.S. Member
Congrats! Such a beautiful figure! :3
7 jaar geleden

I can't pick a favorite. I like the Black one, the Cerulean one, the Crimson one, the Purple one AND the White one. Lovely designs, all of them :|
7 jaar geleden
RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
Huh, I thought New Year's Day was a USPS holiday, but guess not...

Anyway, gorgeous figure! What a nice way to start off 2013 :)
7 jaar geleden
I like both, but I already have the black dress version so probably won't be getting this one.
Happy new year!
7 jaar geleden
I rather like this Sakuya! She looks great here and this is perfect to go along with the Crimson mode Sakuya due out later this year!
7 jaar geleden
this, if it ever gets a figure img90.imageshac...
7 jaar geleden
PVC anime figure store.

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