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  • I like them to fluff up a display a bit. I'm pretty choosy with them and mostly buy ones of OCs by my favorite artists. I really like to collect unique bunny girl ones as there is not enough money in the world to collect all of the bunny girls I love in PVC. I typically buy them at $10-15 max. I saw an illustrator I love selling some for over $20 recently (same size as my $10 ones) and that was too far for me. At that point I'd rather just buy their doujins or a poster (so I did lmao). I have one acrylic stand from an anime (Rakugo Shinjuu) I know is never getting figures and it's pretty unique. It's in the manga style and I have it along with all the manga, so that one is pretty special to me.
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    Broserpina The magi-cooliest✧
    I don't really like acrylic stands. I'd only buy one if it was official art with a character that had literally no other kinds of merch.
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    Carraway Sleepy
    I really never thought much about them until I saw some fanart of characters who I knew will never get much merch and forget any kind of fig. Sadly, my desk space is limited IRL along with funds but I do like to get 2-3 if they are affordable LE official art of characters from a series that might never be acknowledged by a wider audience.

    Tbh I buy them at $10-$15 so I can see like $25-$30 I wouldn't look at them for sale since that's too expensive. I just want to dream that I can attend the themed cafe with their LE merch in Japan in the far future.
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    I like them ok but I wouldn't dedicate a colelction to them. There's one I bought from square enix because I knew it was the only piece of merchandise for a roegadyn character I would ever get lol. Aside from that I don't go out of my way to get official ones.
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    I don't mind them. And for some characters, that's the closest thing to a (good) figure that exists.

    But a huge peeve of mine is when they're branded or called "acrylic figures," as if they're a type of PVC figure. It's like calling a painting with a stand a sculpture. They're different products/artworks.
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    What made me start buying them was my dissatisfaction with the lack of figures of characters I liked. Soon it evolved into liking the official artworks of characters I liked. I still limited myself quite a bit, but it's easy to suddenly end up with more than you intended. They take less space, look good... If your favorites don't have any figures or you aren't satisfied with how they end up etc, it's a great alternative. Unfortunately, it's extremely easy to reproduce, so there are a lot of fakes too. You have to be careful with the details if you're buying in the aftermarket.
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    I like them a lot but they're overpriced like crazy for what is essentially just a few pieces of plastic. They must make a killing in profits with them. I used to buy them but I've stopped, nowadays I'll only buy keychains if at all. And this goes for fan merch as well, not just official. I was looking at some the other day and they were selling for $40CAD which is insane. I can make my own for less than $10CAD each and that's without a discount from ordering in bulk. I'd like to support smaller artists but that's a ripoff.
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    Being a bit of a purest who started when there were only figures I would like to see a world with only figures. Okay from my point of view I think it is a sadder reflection of the current state of the Japan's economy as a little bit more money you could theoretically have a prize figure of the character. I guess through financial incentive from the Japanese Auduence from instead for a little less money than a prize figure of a popular character you could get the acrylic stand of your favorite side character. My line of thought is if the economy was good people would invest at a premium for said side character in prize figure form. Say double for what the arylic stand while these would be about 150% the value of the "always reliable for sale" Miku prize figures.

    I remember when acrylic stands came as a bonus in the deluxe version to ordering a full-scale figure, and that was my first acrylic stand.

    Just of now I have invested in a second acrylic stand of side character who i really like but will never get a scale or prize figure.

    I wish things could be different but am grateful that at least less popular characters are able to receive merchandise in this form who would otherwise get nothing.

    Thanks for Rasing the topic of conversation.
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    maybe it's just cause of my choice of media, but official art of my fave shows tend to be ugly lol. so İ prefer indie art usually, plus it's nice to support other artists :]
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    I like quite a lot of them, but as someone who prefers larger figures, I find it hard for them to fit in. There are some great acrylic Pokemon artworks I'd love to have, but they are just kinda small :/
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