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Hi! Remember when I said I wanted to post more about figures as fine art? Well immediately after that I had a severe fibromyalgia flare-up and am still dealing with some of the worst of it. As you can imagine that makes thorough research and writing and picture-taking really hard, but then I came up with what I think is a fun question without too much fuss.

If you could choose any anime figure(s) or statue(s) to be displayed together as a gallery show, what would they be and why? Pretend that things like licensing and money are not an issue in this context.

Things to consider for a gallery space context:
I’m not expecting you to answer all of these, just thought it might help you come up with ideas!

1. How would the figure(s) need to be displayed? Would it look good on a plinth where you could walk around it, or does it need a more precise viewing angle?

2. Would the piece(s) otherwise be impractical to own or display privately? That could be a good choice for a flexible gallery with big enough doors.

3. Would a specific type of lighting enhance the piece?

4. Is there a common theme among the figures you’ve chosen? Are they by the same artist, or a variety? The same character or IP? All OCs?

If it were me, I would assemble as many individual Miku figures as possible and fill shelves in a room with them, packed from floor to ceiling and grouped close together. Ideally it would be a fairly small space and only one or two people would go in at a time. It would be interesting to me to see all the Mikus in one place but beyond that I think displaying them in a way that makes the space feel oppressively stuffy and crowded might make people ask themselves some questions about originality and commercial artwork. It also might be interesting for the display shelves to appear open and a bit precarious so that the viewer has the sense that it could all come crashing down on them.

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Your vision reminds me of the most traumatic experience in Ib game - the doll room youtu.be/quS2jN.... Unless you're really aiming into horror atmosphere with creepy-dolls-watching-you theme - don't do it.

As of the idea of the figure gallery, I think about fancy figures in poses that seems to be stopped in time lined together.

The examples are:
ITEM #143923
ITEM #998271
ITEM #907280
ITEM #256472
ITEM #604614 (the first not-Miku) ITEM #1347614 with ITEM #1277854

Most of them are based on illustrations, so the figures could be paired with the source art.
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I think customized figures would be kind of neat to see at an art gallery.

For example, several people make the same garage kit, and they're displayed side by side, along with promotional art and a few in-progress models displayed with tools. It would allow people outside the hobby (and people who are only casually invested) to see firsthand exactly how much work goes into GKs, and how much room there is for personal interpretation and artistic expression.

On a similar note, figures not intended for customization but popular in customizing circles, like Nendoroids. (Or Barbies, or Bratz dolls, MH, etc.)

Gallery shows are ultimately just a matter of money. With enough of it, and willing participants, a person could really make this happen.
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