Berichten Your favourite character that will never have a figure,lol

  • i’ve given up on aizawa from bnha getting a scale at this point. hopefully it changes with s6 but i’m done holding my breath
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    I would love to see figures of Baten Kaitos. Like proper scale ones. The same with angel Kratos, he has no scale figures only coin figure and a chibi.

    Kalas as a scale figure would be amazing. The game is a hidden jrgp with great story line and wonderful characters. It's on the gamecube. The second game never got released to westerners.
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    Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
    ENTRY #160012

    This dude's series is kind of cliché and nothing special but I love his character design. Also really love the character but he's too out there to get a figure imo.
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    I would have loved figures of her but, they'd probably re-release nyaruko's bunny figure bare leg edition before Luhy gets a figure (╥﹏╥)
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    Literally anyone in Samurai Champloo :[
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    The 2012 design of Yomi Takanashi. ENTRY #4180 https://c.tenor.com/ce1dQf6_sswAAAAC/blackrockshooter.gif Note: The girl in the middle as seen in the gif.

    Her OVA carnation did receive a Nendoroid Petite and a Figma.

    I'm surprised there were no anniversary figures to celebrate the 10th year of the 2012 anime. But I guess all the focus is on the latest Dawn Fall anime.
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    heartmachine (^▽^)
    probably ENTRY #2941 I would love a nice scale although idk what it would involve
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    I Wanted A Lola Bunny/Starfire Figure So Bad! Please Make Figures Of My 2 Favorite Girls!
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    For me its ENTRY #68898 I love his design but he only has 1 gk and there probably wont be a prepainted fig of him (male character + Sangatsu no Lion only has 1 prepainted figure iirc) ( ˃̣̣̥Д˂̣̣̥ )
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    tai-kou-bou Resident Ojisan Lover
    ENTRY #119539 i just think she's neat
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