Avoiding the Holiday Shopping Season This Year?Avoiding the Holiday Shopping Season This Year?Ask MFC

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So folks how many of you are avoiding the Holiday Shopping Season this year?

With today being that great day to stop and be Thankful for what you have in life finding it to be a crazy thing that we go from being Thankful to crazy for so called "Deals." on certain things and feels like this year may be the worst one with the way people are as of late we'll probably hear about shopping frenzied people that behave like assholes towards others over things they don't really need.

That always makes me shake my head every year when we'll hear about some incident at some Store where folks turned into violent animals fighting each other over trying to get that last thing that's on sale and if you have friends that work in Retail think about them and what madness they'll be facing for the next week or more.

Retail work is hell.

From what I've heard/seen over the years it's one of the worst jobs to have cause folks I've known that work in it are just drained and exhausted from the job around Holiday time and always look for another line of work after the grueling Holiday Shopping season.

With the Pandemic ongoing that's made the Retail Job a lot harder on those workers.

I never go out after Thanksgiving cause it's a nightmare around here with all the stores we have in Town but this year avoiding the Holiday Shopping Season as much as I can.

Just thinking about Retail and Shopping gives me a headache at this time of year and it's not just that it's the Traffic Nightmare from all the folks out of state that come down here to shop -those folks are terrible drivers here

What about you?

Are you avoiding the Holiday Shopping Season this year?
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My friends/family have odd taste, so I do most of my holiday shopping online. I might pick up something in person if I'm out. I never do Black Friday though. I'd rather not risk dying trying to get 30% off a game, I'll just pay full price to not get stampeded.XD
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digital media means unlimited supply, anyone can buy from Switch or PS Store, no need to fight
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Honestly, I prefer online shopping now but I never participated in Black Friday (unless they had a really good deal on something I wanted). Still, I do still enjoy shopping in person just not near the holidays.
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Have never done holiday shopping in-person. Right now I'm hitting Y!J auctions and Mercari Jp for some stuff. Maybe will take advantage of Right Stuf's fantastic Black Friday sale.
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My girlfriends retail job just announced they're never going to be open for Thanksgiving again which is pretty cool. I worked my early 20s in retail and convenience stores for Thanksgiving it was hell. I'm in a great position now where I don't have to so I'm thankful for that and usually save black Friday deals for the weekend. I'm actually going to the mall but mainly because they have an independent artist/vendor craft expo this weekend. Over 100+ small businesses and artists and then going to my local D&D store for gifts. I'm tending to actually get gifts pre-owned and from small businesses this year and I enjoy it more!
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YES, completely avoiding it for the first time...ever? Yeah, ever lol. It is a forced situation, but still not having the extra stress from it is nice in a way.
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One positive thing to come out of this pandemic might be the scaling back of Thanksgiving day in-store shopping. Being armtwisted into working on Thanksgiving day must have made the shitty and demoralizing environment of retail work just that much worse.

Same comment for Black Friday. I cannot fathom working retail and having to deal with a horde of morons who are foaming at the mouth and ready to engage in fisticuffs to buy some off-brand TV for $25 cheaper than they could get its proper name brand counterpart any other day of the year.

I did most of my holiday shopping earlier this week from the comfort of my living room, and for the one item I didn't want to buy online, there was Best Buy curbside pickup. I placed the order over breakfast, got the "your order is ready" email 10 minutes after the store opened, drove there, checked in, and 5 minutes later the item was in my car and I was driving home.
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Once I get my money by the end of the month, I will try to obtain 4-5 items and ship both boxes (one from prxy and the other by AmiAmi) by EMS asap.

Then I should be good for overseas orders for the rest of the year.
Final orders will happen from German anime stores in 2022.
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Just bought an advent calendar with socks XD
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Japan Hobby Store

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