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Is this t-shirt is legit or not? www.amazon.co.j...
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it's weird for an official T-shirt to include a keychain. Bunny Nezuko one is common on Aliexpress / Wish.
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Outside of what the other comments mentioned the product name is also a give away that it's not legit (if legit = official that is). It's too long with too many keywords.
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judging on how theres random (stolen) fanart on the t-shirts, no
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If you are asking if this product is a authentic/ licensed product of Kimetsu no Yaiba then I don't think so. Usually official merchandise is licensed by Aniplex. If you look at the sellers inventory or items it seems they sell random movies/blurays and pigments, perfume and other miscellaneous stuff. I don't believe an official licensed product will sell these items.
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