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I Don't Usally Collect Figures From Older Series But Do You Collect Figures From Older Series?
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Definitly, my "main collecting" intrest is LunaMaria Hawke, from the 2002 SEED Destiny Gundam series.

It's not easy to find her, especially the trade figures, but the benefit of having a "B Character" as waifu since forever to collect, is that IF you find her, she is rather cheap in secondary market prices or pre-owned sections at AmiAmi or Mandarake.
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That’s almost all I do lately. Older figures really have this charm to them, as well as older series. A lot of them look wonky in a good way, and I tend to just like older anime anyways
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Of course! I have been collecting Sora No Otoshimono (Heaven's Lost Property) figures.
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i usually aim for collecting things from older series/vns but if i see newer things i usually want them too!!!
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im starting to collect yugioh, i guess it depends on what seasons !
but DM, GX and 5d's are pretty old now i guess-

i technically have 2 marth figures, and one ike one- old school fire emblem!
also rockman series figures!
and finally some evangelion stuff and ojamajo doremi...

all of it isnt too old to some people, but that stuff is over a decade old so i guess it counts?
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Yes, no reason not to

Just been watching K-on recently and like the Alter band set
ITEM #13744 , picture there

Enjoying the show and I am tempted but might be hard to collect the full band

Other than that still looking at Haruhi figures, they had some new merch recently as well
Would love to see a new Yuki figure, would get it that came up.

Also Eva has been going on for decades, got some newer figures recently from that as well

Tempted by older Ghibli merch so occasionally get some of those
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I guess that depends on what you mean by old. I think most people classify pre-2010 as old at this point, especially if the series/movie has not had a newer release, the releases were pretty obscure/limited, or in the case of games, remakes on newer consoles, to keep it relevant to new people.

For pre-2000s series/movies, I have two Princess Mononoke figures. I also have Utena.

For the 2000s, I have several versions of Holo, FMA figures, and Amaterasu. A lot of my favorites originated in the 2000s or early 2010s but have had new series/spin-offs, so outside of these, I would not consider them old since they were brought back into the spotlight. However, I want to give an honorable mention to Cardcaptor Sakura, which feels like it fell into relative obscurity, then made a big comeback with Clear Card.
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Absolutely. I love all pretty much all of the Madoka Magica figures (idk if it’s “old” but it’s a series from 2011 so a decade old). I currently have 12 figures I want to get from there (currently have 7/12).
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Yep, if I like it, it's fair game, doesn't matter how old. I think I have one of the larger Mai-Hime/Mai-Otome figure collections at this point (LIST #132969), a Sunrise show not many folks remember these days
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I am more interested in video game franchise related items than anime. Problem is there aren't many figures (at least pre-painted) for most of them (even if some of them originated 30+ years ago and still get new entries). For example: Seiken Densetsu (1,2,3 and Legend of Mana), Touhou, Ys, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Odins Sphere. The are a few "old" anime series I do/try to collect from (mostly Urusei Yatsura).
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