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More and more these days, I've come to realize the value in contentment in what I have. Not to be confused with apathy or “settling”, I've really come to understand the value of not under-appreciating the old in favor of the new, and especially the importance of (trying to) avoid FOMO. It's always good to have a goal on the horizon, or something you're looking forward to, but it's equally important not to miss the wonderful things you already have.

This hobby is a lot of work. Between keeping up on announcements, pre-order dates, what's the best shop to buy a particular figure from, shipping costs, shipping times, hunting grails, grappling with the aftermarket... there's quite a bit of effort in collecting these international goods. And quite honestly, that is an aspect of the hobby I really enjoy. Sure it'd be convenient and nice to just go down to the corner store and get the super sweet figure I want; but at the same, the extra effort that goes into getting said figures helps make them more “worth it” to me in the end. Rising costs suck, shipping times aren't great right now, delays are ever more frequent, but the feeling of when the figure finally does arrive is certainly an amazing one.

I mention the above and what I enjoy about it, but that's all focused on what's next. With the new Wonder Fest just happening and a slew of new announcements, I found myself very excited for a few of them and wishing they were coming out now. Let me be clear with my thoughts, there's nothing wrong with that; it's really great that there's always new things to see and be excited about in this hobby. It's never stale! But at that same time, I never want to lose sight of how excited I was and still am for the figures I already have. In this hobby, we seem to spend a lot of time looking forward, but I think it's just as important to look around as well.

I mentioned in a previous post how when frustrated at work (I work from home these days), I get up, and go into the other room of my humble abode and spend a few minutes just looking at my detolfs. This helps take my mind off the immediate frustration, provides a needed 'thought break', helps re-frame whatever issue I'm dealing with, and brings me a bit of joy during work to see my collection that I love. This brings me back to my thought of the importance of contentment. As I've started running out of space (and spent quite a bit in 3 short years), I have to ask myself “how many more?”. The simple answer is: as long as they keep making figures I love! But... I do need to be more discerning as space becomes a serious issue, and at the same time, narrowing the 'focus' of my future collection while appreciating what I've already built up.

Looking at my shelves, I'm reminded of the long pre-orders, the finding that rare figure on amiami at 3am, messaging over Reddit to buy a figure, and the joys that those figures bring to me and how happy I am to have them. New figures are always exciting because they're new and shiny, but I don't feel they should necessarily eclipse the awesome collections we have already at home.

Now, I'm of course speaking about my own thoughts and experiences here; when I dive into something, I tend to go feet-first, so my pre-order list is rather long and already stretching out into November 2022. But I came to the realization the other day that even if I never got a new figure ever again (while disappointing), I would still be very happy and enjoy the figures I already have and would still be active in the community online. I don't have a strong point I guess other than just wanting to convey the thought that's recently been on my mind: looking forward is good and important, but taking in what's already around us is just as important.

I can't tell you the amount of hours of sleep I've lost the past two years staying up late so I can be on top of amiami's pre-owned updates (it's like 1am-4am for me) as I'm hunting for elusive figures or just a great deal. I've been very blessed and gotten some incredible finds on there that I'm so thankful for. Yesterday was another one of those typical days, where it was 3am and I had to get up for work in less than 4 hours: I was yawning, trying to stay awake, refreshing pages, looking at Buyfriend, and wishing I could go to bed. And that's when it struck me: I could go to bed. I don't need anything amiami will post. I don't need to get an amazing deal today. I don't need to only get 1-2 hours of sleep because I stay up all night seeing if a grail will maybe pop-up... and I turned off the computer and went happily to bed. Don't get me wrong, I do love the treasure hunt of the aftermarket and my collecting game is strong. But ,looking at my detolfs full of figures, I realized that I already have some amazing deals, already have some grails, and honestly, they're awesome and they're more than enough.

I see sometimes in comments (more so on Reddit), of folks commenting on others collection or haul posts that their own collections are small and they wish they could get whatever figure(s) the other is posting about. Now, these folks mean well and they're being authentic and honest, nothing wrong with that. Seeing other folks' purchases and collections can be inspiring to our own hobby and maybe show us what we would like to add... but even as other people are posting crazy hauls or maybe posting they got that grail you're looking for, don't look down on your own collection. Maybe your collection is small, or maybe it's hundreds of figures but not the newest hottest ones... whatever. Your collection is inspiring to someone else.

So while you stare longingly at your “ordered” list (as I do daily), remember to not forget to show love to the figures already on your shelf.
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This post seriously relates to me on so many aspects. Thank you for sharing such an insightful and self reflecting post. I too look at my figure shelves whenever I ask stressed. Collecting figures almost single handedly help me get out of stress and depression from being in pandemic isolation for almost 2 years. Even though it's good to look forward, I completely agree with you that we should take the time to really appreciate what we have.
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Accidental double post
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Even when compared to all the recent releases/purchases, this little one ITEM #665 still gives the most contentment
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FOMO is real but yeah revisiting your collection every once in a while is also a nice feeling.

I still occasionally check out my shelf and reflected all these past years I spent on building my Fate merch collection. I'm still proud of it, ngl.
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Thanks for writing this—it really speaks to where I’m trying to be in this hobby. I recently cancelled some preorders because I realized that I just didn’t need them. That said, I have a few on my preorder and wish list that I’ve been hoping for since I joined this hobby, so there are things I’m excited about. My future goals revolve around trying to optimize lighting in my setup (really want to try soldering, so it will be totally customized), build dioramas for several sets of my figures, and fix some of the figures that arrived broken or have broken during the years that I’ve had them.
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I often got FOMO but for the past month I've been starting to get pretty content with where my collection is at at the moment.

Earlier this year I preordered and ended up impulse buying quite a lot of things which led to my room being flooded with merchandise.

I think it hit me quite recently though as I was storing away some merchandise and figures I didn't want to display anymore due to the lack of space that I'll most likely do the same with the merch I have currently ordered and displayed. That got me to really think about my current pos and made me ask, do I REALLY want this or am I just getting it to satisfy my current interests and fomo?

This mindset allowed me to cancel a few items on my amiami orders and I have been ordering a lot less now :) (Though the wonhobby announcements yesterday are going to suck my wallet dry for sure haha)
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I actually got out of fig collecting for a couple months because I got slightly overwhelmed by trying to keep up with every little thing, had a couple annoying FOMO moments, and I wanted to hold back spending for a while. Now I'm a lot more picky, and because of that break I've missed some stuff I wanted but this point I'm just like "yknow, whatever man".

Cross referencing every little site for bonus this, cheapest shipping that and stalking the in stock page just go so irritating to me. And all the invoices i'd get... It made me just not want to see what was available at all. I definitely don't see myself ever quitting this hobby, but damn I already got some big newbie burnout.

My fig list is super out of date too since it takes a lot of time to keep that stuff updated and track everything. Now I have even more work to do, lol.
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Great Article!

I'm glad FOMO isn't a issue for me these days, got enough ere as it is to take care of that because it's always "Where am I going to put something new?" that gets rid of FOMO and I end up appreciating what I have here more.
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Good read
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Im too new at collecting for these feelings, altho FOMO is already killing me from day 1.
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