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If any of you know my stint with Powapowa, the 90s catgirl card game, it's no surprise that'd I would have discovered another 90s card game; Dynamite Nurse (ENTRY #187084)

Now I didn't add this entry to mfc; It was previously added by another User and went along with some garage kits by Realize and Hobby Japan. I was surprised to see it on here already so I thought I'd mention it.

Dynamite nurse is a card game produced by Hobby Japan featuring two artists; Omoiataru and Rieko Tsukishiro. Omoitaru actually used Aleena and Riza in previous doujinshis (ENTRY #38445 and ENTRY #38446) but they're probably mostly known from this game.

Now surprisingly, while this card game was from the 1990s, legitimately early 90s unlike Powapowa who released '95, it is surpringly well documented, there are hundreds of listings for the card packs, both the original Dynamite Nurse (ITEM #1311284) and the second; Dynamite Nurse 2: Bloody Temple, (ITEM #1311628) several websites and blogs dedicated to explaining it and showing off photos of the cards, etc etc.

I believe one of the blogs links a youtube video (or atleast a video) of some Japanese guys playing a match.

I have a feeling it's due to the fact Dynamite Nurse was produced by a named company, Hobby Japan, unlike Powapowa who was a doujinshi card game by a small circle and a printing company.

Card packs are frequently selling for over ¥9,000. I've seen as high as ¥20,000 and a low of ¥2,000; there wasn't much else in terms of merch like Powapowa.

There are some Dynamite Nurse Doujinshis by Omoiataru and their circle MRI, including Dynamite Guide 1 and 2 and some garage kits and I believe I saw a telephone card? But that was all after two days of searching. There's not really a website to speak of for Dynamite Nurse given it's age; it existed right before the internet was publicly available to most people.

But either this didn't have much merch or it wasn't all properly documented like Powapowa who's producer's website, POPLS, had a mail order list as well as several sold out listings on Suruga-ya.

Anywho I should stop comparing this to Powapowa because this is the most batshit premise to a cardgame I've ever heard of.

The main gameplay of Dynamite Nurse is as follows:

Each player is a "Hospital" and you are trying to treat your patients. There are "event" cards that can hinder this, along with the fact that your opposing players are actively trying to sabotage your hospital and kill your patients.

When I saw this I was like "Holy shit! This sounds so much fun!". I continued to read that Dynamite Nurse isn't exactly a TCG, it's compared a lot to "Go Fish" and "Uno", even the age ratings when researching showed it was usually around 10-12+ years old recommended to play, and games take about 30 to 45 minutes.

I think a tween in Japan in the 1990s would have lots of fun playing this with friends considering its bizarre gameplay and card art full of VERY 90s anime girls; and it seems very easy to understand.

I don't have much else to say about Dynamite Nurse, I just wanted to share with you this odd little discovery...

Oh and the fact in 2011 it was remade into Dynamite Nurse Returns and was produced by Arclight and is way more sexual and full of big booby nurses and I'm very much not a fan of how this version looks BUT it featured ton of artists, including Omoiataru!!!!, like Powapowa so atleast thats something. ENTRY #242721.

Heres some card art of the 90s version:


Anyway thanks for hanging out! OTL The temptation brews to find another.
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Demigod_Dan1 maand(en) geleden#101358757Dynamite nurse sounds like these nurses are going to do anything but heal you xD it sounds more sexual than anything haha

Well, Dan, when you search it on mercari jp you sure do get porn in the results.
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Dynamite nurse sounds like these nurses are going to do anything but heal you xD it sounds more sexual than anything haha
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Haha, of course there's a Black Jack (ENTRY #2780) nurse :P
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jellyhouse Fuchiko Archaeologist
Oh I love the art on this one!! Also anime girl surgeons... swag
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