Berichten Digimon fans! I need heeeeeelllpp!

  • Yeah, unfortunately the answer is no.

    The only ongoing, kind of similar line is the shodo line. browse.v4.php?k... They're small, articulated figures you can get for around $10 each. They've released a few sets, not a huge line-up though. And the newest duo is PB exclusive, because Bandai hates us.

    They're doing a re-release of some old caged mini figures, but those are also PB exclusive sets.
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    There aren't.

    DigiColle was the closest we had. They've been getting more gacha figures lately, but nothing like kid figures, moncolle, etc because Bandai hates us I guess.

    Bandai has their own little set of figures up for preorder right now but it's a very limited pool.
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