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guys...you will not believe what just happened to me. i seriously cant fucking believe this. its been like 30 minutes and im still in utter disbelief and upset as hell. the story im about to tell you all is any figure collectors worst nightmare.

ok so i got refunded from an expensive ass order that i spent MONTHS saving up for because apparently they didnt have the item, so i decided to spend some of it on a couple of figures ive been wanting. i decided the first figure i will buy is this ITEM #163750
hes been a semi grail for a while, but i could never afford him, but now that i finally could i started browsing. hes was much harder to find than i thought, especially for a decent price. i found one listing off mercari jp for 22900 yen and bought him instantly through dejapan. i was really excited to get it because ive been wanting this figure for so long ever since i got back into dmmd.

i finally received the package today, but noticed how small the box is and thought "i dont remember 1/7 scale figures being this small"

i open it...and find this



im honestly really heartbroken rn. i really wanted this figure, and as i said before hes overpriced as hell everywhere else. i got so lucky to find one that is decently priced. i contacted dejapan about this. i really hope they can get my figure back, but i dont think thats a possibility :'(

btw hey you guys remember that one article i wrote where at one point i joked about receiving the wrong package? WELP 8')
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I'm kinda shocked, tbh... I use proxies all the time but I stick to FromJapan (for auctions) and Japonica Market for everything else (particularly Mercari JP which FJ doesn't do) and never had an issue. Although, I avoid FJ if I can because their fees in Charge 2 are horrible and always sticker shock for me. I just don't trust another proxy to bid quickly on an auction, so I make an exception...
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Lmao, this is why I don’t use proxies
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I bought that Ren too after his pre-orders closed, so I also had a hard time buying him. Got him off of Amazon of all places, completely legit and even came with the postcard for $250. That's so weird that Mercari sent you the wrong package, not just the wrong package, but a COMPLETELY different and unrelated item!! o_o i hope it sorts itself out soon and you get him :(
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i'm so sorry that happened to you. i wonder who sent the wrong parcel- the seller or the forwarding service?

if it makes you feel any better, those sandals are usually in the $200 or more range so at the very least, if dejapan refuses to help you, you could easily sell those bad boys and get either most or all of your money back through that. it's a very popular brand for fashion aficionados and tends to sell out quickly.
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Sadly I bet also the person who recieved the figure package is sad as well because those shoes are typically $200+

I am sorry for your loss tho :((
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awww man that suck. Hope you get this sorted out.

Ren Rhyme was my first grail. And to date he is still my most favourite figure.

Wish you luck!
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Uhhh a few weeks ago I bought that exact same Ren off JP Mercari through Neokyo, too?? That's a...weird coincidence. I'll let you know if I get him and not a pair of sandals, lmao. Sorry that happened to you!!
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Ren is probably my favorite figure that I own. Before my family moved and I moved out, my mom fucking touched my figures for some reason, snapped off one of the crystals on his base, and didn't tell me. Then she didn't understand why I was so furious. I have still been too lazy to glue it back so it just sits on the base...

Anyway, point is, your trials and tribulations will be worth it when he is finally yours.
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Linkeatbanana3 maand(en) geleden#98566659It sucks but those are very expensive sandals, they might be worth more than the figure.
Interesting! Well, OP if they're worth something, the person who got your figure instead probably contacted the company too. Hopefully they can arrange some kind of exchange.
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Bruh that is anxiety fuel right there. I’m confident it’ll work out for you and you’ll eventually get the figure, but damn that stings to read and it isn’t even my order. :(
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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