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A few months after my parents bought me ITEM #186895 for my birthday, her pigtail came loose. I was heartbroken, because they had paid $100 CAD for her, but with my OCD, even the tiniest breaks can ruin the enjoyment of something for me ;-; I decided to do what I could with her, so I ordered a bottle of Gorilla Glue off Amazon, took her outside, and delicately glued the hair back on...

And she looked as good as new! I was so happy I was gonna be able to keep her without having to give into my anxieties.

So, any of you ever had to risk fixing a figure yourself? Did it work out in the end, or did you end up only making things worse?
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Might be stretching the definition of "by myself" since Mom did need to order replacement pegs for me, but: when my Figuarts Sailor Venus suffered a wrist peg break, I pried out the joint and (later on) cut the replacement to fit both ports. Not exactly seamless, but as long as you push the hand down on the peg hard enough, it's not too jarring.
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all the time. :-\

most recently, i spent almost $200 last month on this madoka ITEM #623989 only to remove her from the box with a broken bow (it just snapped right off her hand). i had to perform a bit of surgery on her but she's perfect now.

i've also had a number of older figs loose body parts when the inner glue eventually dries up. this can happen to any of them over time.

the worst break i've ever had to deal with was with the hatsune miku doll crystal ITEM #718269. thank goodness it was just a cheapie.. but once again, pulled her out of her box and her neck snapped in half. i tried at least a dozen methods to attempt to fix her but the angle and location of the break made it almost impossible. unfortunately she went into the trash T.T

another terrible one was ITEM #236133 - the metal "pole" she balances on rusted slightly and cracked in half. i have no idea how to fix her.
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ITEM #106568 the wand got caught on my clothes, pulling the figure down and crashing on the floor. I heard something snap, and saw one side of her hair snapped off. Luckily, it broke off right where the hair met the ball. I was able to glue it right back into place without noticeable evidence of it ever having to be repaired.

ITEM #899260 the first one I ordered had a major paint defect, a giant blotch of white paint on her brown skirt. The fork was broken off the base. Attempted to repair the fork first, and it was not the best outcome. Attempted to repair the paint, and simply made it worse. Ordered a replacement for her a few days later. Replacement arrived with a minor paint defect in the exact same spot as before, but not nearly as bad as the first time, decided not to attempt to fix it. I received an extra body of this figure ITEM #886795 because the first one I ordered arrived without a hand - I asked for a replacement hand, they said they would replace it, turns out that hand was never meant to be removed so they had to send a full body replacement. I cut Chomusuke out of the old body, and it sits perfectly on the skirt of the previous figure, hiding the paint defect completely. An alternative item I used was the book from this figure ITEM #343027 which I unfortunately got a bootleg of. The figure is now boxed up with most of my other bootlegs, but that accessory was still useful.

I've purchased 1/4 bunny figures with "broken bunny ears" and was happy to find that nothing was broken at all. The ears arrived detached from the figure, and slid snugly into place like they should have, with no visible damage.

ITEM #198441 was listed with paint transfer damage from bell to chest. I was able to get the majority of the paint up with a magic eraser. I did not get all of it, but I was able to get most of what I was comfortable reaching, the space between the bell and the chest is kinda tight, and I didn't want to risk damaging it more. It seems like the paint penetrated deeper than just the surface and would require it to be repainted for a perfect fix, but it looks much better than when it arrived.

Most of my repairs or modifications were on bootleg figures. I started my collection off AliExpress before I knew any better. ITEM #669992 was securely wrapped in bubble wrap when it was shipped, which warped her hair to wrap close to her body. Applying some heat, spacing the hair out with tissue, and letting it sit over night allowed the figure to regain its shape. This definitely wouldn't have been the same with the legit figure, because the material that it is made with is completely different.

After wasting a good chunk of money and time on lower quality bootlegs with many that needed to be repaired, I started using AmiAmi as my main source of figures. I'm much more willing to take apart, modify, or repair a bootleg figure as opposed to a legit figure. I always worry about ordering damaged preowned figures, but I do sometimes take the risk, and so far I have been pleased with the results. I don't completely regret purchasing bootleg figures, because I still gained knowledge and experience to tell the difference between real and fake figures, and how to fix figures in the unfortunate event of them being damaged.
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I tend to forget about this instance all the time but I opened ITEM #549107 when I got her and literally broke her like 10 seconds after unboxing her. Kind of difficult to notice from her photos but she has a little spike on each of her boots right on her foot and I broke one of them off by accident. Thankfully it was really easy to fix though, just used some strong, clear glue and you can't even tell it was broken.
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Most of mine have just been supergluing broken pieces back together (a number of snapped drum pieces on ITEM #26787, part of the gear on ITEM #183069, which both luckily aren't noticeable once glued), though with ITEM #136444 one of the pegs for one of her twintails snapped and got stuck inside the head, and I had to use the tiniest drillbits ever to drill through the inside of her back hairpiece and push it back out again. I was gonna make a mould and cast of an unbroken peg so I could replace it, but just never got around to it lol
Using those tiny tiny drillbits again now for a broken figma stand where the peg snapped and got stuck inside that extra bent peg so I can hopefully drill in, superglue a handle of some kind in and pull it out again and maybe glue it back together again? We'll see lmao

Honestly proudest of myself though that one of the clear plastic pieces on ITEM #396870's mask that hold it behind his ears was loose out of the box and eventually fell off and got lost, and only a few days ago I decided I'd cut a bit out of the plastic top of a pack of babywipes and glue it back on, and it looks near indistinguishable from the other side so :]]

I have a lot of trouble with the same thing of even a tiny thing being broken ruining the enjoyment of my figures but I just try to remind myself that it doesn't matter if it effects any kind of resell value if I never plan on reselling and the figure is just for me, and if I can fix it myself then I feel a little accomplished out of it haha
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I broke the handle off of ITEM #117920 Dark Repulser the very first time I handled it. I tried to just super glue it, but that failed miserably and broke apart instantly, leaving a glob of gross glue residue at the hilt. My brother (the veteran miniatures guru) was able to remove a large amount of it and then showed me how to pin it. It's much better now, and I learned a really good skill in the process.

ITEM #414719 had an plate fall off the side with the lightest touch, but a (very) little dab of superglue gel on a toothpick to the attachment point and it's completely hidden, and stronger than new.

I bought ITEM #965 in a very damaged state specifically to start learning how to fix figures. She had paint scuffs all over, the pegs on the base were broken and poorly glued, the base was cracked and IIRC her sword was snapped. I ended up using trimmed roofing nails for pegs (due to the super flat base, I couldn't find a way to get normal rods to stick securely and they were the PERFECT diameter). I used a magic eraser on the scuffs and pinned the sword (I think?? it was years ago) and sanded down and tinted the base to get rid of glue stains, but that didn't work very well. I should have just used a proper clear coat...

ITEM #549384 came from the manufacturer with her feet drilled at the wrong angle and full of flashing, which caused her to not fit properly on the base, and broke the base and both pegs. GSC was kind enough to replace everything, so when I felt brave enough I ended up fixing her with some steel rods and some carefull hand-drilling. I even made two cuts on the base disc to let her stand next to ITEM #549389 in a Detolf without being offset. I liked it so much I eventually sold the replacement and have kept the defective one happily in my display ever since.

I'm positive there are some more, but I can't remember which ones. It's been a while since I've had to do any notable repairs (I swear ITEM #464912 I'll fix your wrist eventually!)
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soratsukii too broke for this hobby :,)
yes. super glue is my best friend. i glued ITEM #774934 back together after i by accidentally snapped off one of her legs (i was tryna put her foot peg into the base or whatever its called). i bought her pre-owned and w/o box, so it was no surprise. lol.

i also had to super-glue ITEM #672277 together where her sock and foot meet (it came broken and sticky- someone prob broke it during shipping or something, got a refund doe..) Its slightly wobbly and tilted, but it works. oh well. Again, i got it for a cheap price and w/o box. no surprise
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Yea actually. Back when I got ITEM #664015 her hand was broken. It was a clean break so I was able to fix it with gorilla glue and you can't even see it. The second time I had to fix ITEM #797882 for the same reason. Again it was a clean break so I was able to fix it and you can't even see it.
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2 of them actually

ITEM #198356 The peg for one of her wings ended up breaking (mostly because people don't know how to keep their hands to themselves). Was able to carefully glue it back and you can't really tell the difference beyond one wing being more loose than the other. Read an article on here that taught me how and was able to do it well

ITEM #61338 Almost immediately after opening her, her bow snapped in half when trying to get it in her hand. Got it glued back and it's functional, but it's kinda noticeable where it broke because of how it did
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Footpegs, in particular, I have had to glue so many of them that I don't even remember which figures they are broken on anymore, haha. Honestly, other than pegs, scuff marks, and a little inadvertent paint transfer, I have never caused any major breaks in almost 20 years of collecting figures. I better go knock on all the wood and do a luck ritual after saying that though, now I am nervous.
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