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Mandarake Nakano figuarts mini Emilia Bandai Spirits figure REVIEW
Hello to you all you beautiful artifact hunters and welcome to another figure review with yours truly.

On this mandarake review, we're going to look at the Figuarts mini figure of Emilia.

But before we begin the review, let's have some background information about the character like we always do, and some information on the manda listing:

Information was taken from the Re:Zero Wiki page

Emilia (エミリア) is the main heroine of the Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu series. She is a Half Elf and a candidate to become the 42nd King of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica in the Royal Selection. Officially debuting at the very start of the series, she's arguably the most important character in the series as most events somehow revolve around her.

Emilia is good-natured and likes to take care of others, though she herself refuses to admit it, instead thinking of it as her own selfishness. As a result, this often has Emilia avoid opening up to others and sharing her burdens to a very stubborn degree. She is indifferent to her own appearance, leaving Puck to take care of her clothes and hair. Because her appearance is similar to the Witch of Envy, she has received harsh discrimination from others.

She has a tendency to use a lot of antiquated words that you would only hear out of an old person. Even Fortuna, who once lived with her in Elior Forest, wondered where she learned them from.[1] On rare occasions, Emilia will let out her childish side when faced with something very unfamiliar to her because up until a few years ago she was unacquainted with the social norms of the outside world beyond the woods she used to live in alongside other elves. Despite this, she adapts quickly and still works hard to become a queen.

As for the manda listing, The condition of the item was described as unopened with a damaged box (bruh where lol) and the item was sold for only 1K jpy, while the DHL shipping was only 1,760 jpy. Putting us at a grand total of 2,760 jpy, which is a pretty damn good deal for me.

Now that that's out of the way, LET'S START THE REVIEW!!


The box of this figure is insanely small which is already a big plus in my book for me.
On the front of the box, we see the logo of figuarts mini on the circle at the top right corner, alongside with the figure's number in the lineup. In the middle we see one of the stock images of the product and below it are the logos of tamashii nations and bandai spirits, with the logo of re:zero next to them.
Bottom left corner we have the name Emilia in both english and japanese, alongside with a bunch of legal copyright information on it.
In the middle we have a big window that goes also to the right side of the box, in order to display the figure.

on the left we have another stock image of the figure, the logo of the lineup on the bottom and the name Emilia on the top.

On the right we have another stock image of the figure but just it's head, some window, the logo of the lineup with the lineup's figure number and Emilia's name.

At the back we'll see some explanations on how figuarts mini figures work in general, alongside with loads of japanese warnings and the barcode of the product.

The top simply has the logo of figuarts mini, figure number, the name Emilia, authenticity sticker of Tamashii nations and all that on a purple background.

And finally on the bottom we have the lineup logo, fig number, some customer service information and a stock image of Emilia.

Now for some box pictures:








blister front

blister back


This figure was officially released at march 20th 2021 and was manufactured by Bandai Spirits.
the total height of the figure with the stand is about 9.4cm tall and the sculpter of this figure is currently unknown (i guess in bandai spirits it doesn't go around> or is this a special case? not too sure). Now for the more in detail critiques of the figure:

Sculpting: 7/10, While her hair for example is nicely sculpted and has some surprisingly nice level of detail to it, the rest of the sculpt is about average for a trading figure like this one. It isn't the worst i've seen but it isn't the best either.
For comparison, i have 2 other trading figures from GSC ITEM #116852 & ITEM #116853 and the amount of mold lines i've seen on them is a lot less noticeable than on this one. You'd think that for larger trade figures they'll be able to do more on that department but it doesn't seem to be the case, well it IS a bandai trade figure so i'm not too upset by that, it still looks cute.

Some things like the fact the hair pieces don't connect all the way to each other can also be a problem for some, however her separate hands can be connected easily and securely and can also be easily dethatched if you want them to, so on that department bandai spirits has succeeded.

The mold around one of Emilia's hands seems to have a very bad mold error, at least for me it's like that. There's a very small piece of plastic that is connected to her hand that if you look up close it can be terrible but from a distance just fine.

Overall it's a pretty basic sculptwork for a trade chibi figure and for 1K jpy it's perfectly acceptable.

Paint job: 7/10, The paint job on this figure is not half bad if i do say so myself, Overall it manages to decently stay in the lines for the most part and it's pretty rare to spot a paint bleeding spot on this figure. Also i like the light purple shading that was added to her hair, very good touch indeed.

As for her eyes they are alright, kinda cute, not the best by any means but i like them for what it is. Together with her small cute smile the whole face works out pretty nicely.

Poseability: 6/10, Speaking articulationwise, there isn't much that's going on for her besides a balljoint on her neck, 2 sets of arms and slightly moveable legs. Sure you can make some very few cute poses with her but that's pretty much all you're gonna get out of this one on that department.

Now for some figure shots:





hoo? and what are you looking at there?

Sliiiide to the right!

Mini Emilia next to her box


7/10, If you ever seen a stand for a nendoroid petite before, this one is that but larger essentially.
the only con is that there's not much articulation to the arm of the stand, but it manages to fit well inside the figure and it can be easily removed too, so it's no hassle whatsoever.

Nendo vs Figuarts mini comparison

In this review, i decided that i want to include something a little different than usual, and that is a comparison between a typical nendoroid and a figuarts mini figure.

So in this comparison we'll compare our new figuarts mini Emilia to ITEM #872596


so one of the things in common that both nendoroids and figuarts mini figures have is that they're almost at the same HEIGHT (not to confuse with size) and they both go for the "chibi" design.

now for the pros and cons:

nendo pros:
-more parts such as hands, faceplates, accessories etc
-lots of posing options
-sharper/High Quality paint job in general
-more detailed sculpts
-larger variety

nendo cons:
- high PO prices (only got worse in recent years)
-higher demand which results in higher aftermarket prices

figuarts mini pros:
-can be a victim of the aftermarket, but with far less damages than a nendo
-look cute (which isn't that different from a nendo)

figuarts mini cons:
-smaller variety
-less detailed sculpts
-paint job quality inferior to the ones of a nendoroid
-less posing options
-limited posing options
-less parts

Based on these results, the answer should be really simple. If you want a cheaper chibi figure of some character you like, and the nendo prices are too high for you, then get these ones instead if your character has one of these figures of her.


I personally think this figure of Emilia is very cute alternative to paying around 77$ for a nendoroid of the character. She's gonna make a great addition to my collection.

And thank you everyone for sticking through the end of this review! look forward during this week (or what's left of it) for my other figure review of ITEM #72489 and to the week after, a figure of ITEM #332950 review will come up for this figure i bought at May the 4th. So as always, stay epic, stay cunning, stay smart and i'll see you all on my next review! bye!
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Thanks for the review. I am not quite aware of this line of SD figures before reading this.

I think the architecture of this line is a bit too simplified for the body proportion, but the prices of these figures are quite low so I wouldn’t mind that much. Also because of the simple architecture and the relatively low price, I would like to build a small army of those standing on my desktop in the future. :O
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PanchitoMatte Emilia-tan Maji Tenshi!
You read my mind. I was just looking at this figure online this morning. What can I say? I love Emilia. ♡( ◡‿◡ ) This figure captures a certain cuteness that has been hard to resist.
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nice review! i got this figure myself a couple of weeks ago and mine also had the same issue where the hair pieces don't quite meet up. but overall these are good for the price and much nicer in person, i feel like the product photos on some figuarts mini don't quite do them justice.
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