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Touhou Project Petanko Keychains Vol 2Touhou Project Petanko Keychains Vol 2

piratepapillonpiratepapillon6 jaar geledenReview
Papillon here! Thought I would do a quick little review before having to head off to a boring work meeting. Received a huge box of stuff today and one thing I got just happened to be a box of Touhou Project straps. Not many people seem to have these so I thought I could give you all a closer look.

So, the straps in question are a collaboration between Penguin Parade and Algernon Product and is a set of their Petanko line. Petanko features characters of many different series that are always posed in a very cute and childish sitting position. This set is the second volume of their Touhou Project line.

First let's look at the box. The box is very petite and features a nice color scheme and some of the art for the keychains.


Once you open the box there are ten little boxes inside.


Each keychain is sealed within what looks to me to be recycled garbage bag. Strange, but I suppose it gets the job done.

Let's look at who we get!


Reimu is featured in her Curiosities of Lotus Asia costume. Reimu was already in set 1 so it makes sense they would give her a special costume to release another.


Cirno is next up and she's a real cutie.


Aya is included and she has what I see as an issue. The little string and pompom connected to her hat has a hole and because that piece of rubber is very thin it could easily snap. I wouldn't suggest attaching Aya to your bag or cellphone because of this.


Both Komeiji sisters are in this set. While they were my least anticipated they still came out nice. Koishi is the better looking of the two.


YUYUKO! No question Yuyuko is the best in the set and the one that really sold it for me. She has the little papillon in her hand and the ghost snuggling her hat and hnnnggg, she's so amazing *nosebleed*


Yuuka is my second favorite from this set. She's really nice but very strangely seems to be on a different scale than the rest. To add the umbrella but not use more rubber they compensated by making Yuuka smaller so she looks very odd next to the others.


Patchouli looks sweet but doesn't really stand out from the rest.

Ready to find out who the secret is?!








They did an outstanding job on her. The colors are just great with the rainbow scroll and how they shaded her hair. They really saved a hard hitter for the secret. Since Byakuren is the secret of this set I'm hoping Toyosatomimi will be the secret of volume 3.

Last but not least, there is a bonus character depending on what store you bought the set from.


Since I bought mine from Amiami, my secret is Sakuya. You get a different character if you preordered from another store. Sakuya is not stored in the box and packed seperately. She was just loose in my huge box and I almost missed her so be careful! She also has clear plastic which is different from all the rest who had black. Sakuya is a pretty cool character to have as a preorder bonus.


The back of the keychains is just black and they are not double sided like the Akaneya set.

Wow! Look at them all!


These straps are really cute and I give them the Papillon seal of approval.


Thanks for reading! If you like this please let me know because I can always photograph more of my keychains. I have a lot of weird older ones from doujin circles and I would love to eventually document and share them with you all.

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@Shinigamiyoko- I'm getting a big cork board so I can display them all on the wall. I find them too cute to use since I lose keychains a lot.

@Asako- I love the Pink Company ones! Those are pretty much my favorites of all my keychains. I like the flat ones too though since there is a lot of variety.

@Neko_Oni- Nothing wrong with that. You should give the games a try though since they are beyond amazing.
6 jaar geleden
Please share more of them! These are the cutest!
This will sound terrible as I've never played the games but I love Touhou character design! Wish I had more room for figures. T_T
6 jaar geleden
Asako Om nom nom
They're cute, but I don't see the point in them being keychains when they're flat little things. I like my Pink Company ones more, because they're actually lil mini figures. :D

That said, the Yuyuko is mighty adorable. Would be my favourite of them all, too.
6 jaar geleden
Shinigamiyoko heart reinforce
These petanko keychains are so cute!!
I always end up getting keychains and not knowing what to do with them... (I only have so many things I can stick a keychain on, lol)

(I also agree, I'd like to see more keychains of yours too~)
6 jaar geleden
Wah super cute!!! I really want some of these guys but it is too expensive for me to get the whole set. I soo love Byakuren!!!
6 jaar geleden
Oh dear those are all so freaking cute~ I like it I think you should do more things like this. Also i like that you put her next to the figure so we can kinda get an idea of the size of it!
6 jaar geleden