Berichten Review: Dustiness Ford Lalatina - KD Colle - 1/7 - Oiran Ver.

  • great review! I wish Lalatina *cough* Darkness can get more decent figure + designs. I ordered China dress Megumin too! I wanna PO Yunyun but since I'm aware that the paint of the golden anklet may wear off as time passes, I decided to give her up as I don't wanna have that risk.
    btw would you mind linking the item ITEM #851340 in the related item? thx! <3
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    Nice review and great photos! I haven't see many figures with an orange colored kimono and the overall color scheme looks good.
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    My goodness, she is beautiful. I'm still waiting for amiami to invoice me for my March preorder, and I can only afford surface, so I probably won't see mine until july :( I heard that ordering an in stock item could make them invoice you faster, so I might order a pack of nendoroid easel stands or something.
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    I’m still waiting on my pre-order, this has made me look forward to getting Lalatina even more!!
    Fingers crossed for Aqua’s prototype soon
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    Oh snap, I’ve seen that figure around on sale in a few stores and have been contemplating it. How could I not when she looks that good in that kimono. Great balance between graceful, elegant, but with a touch of feminine sexuality.

    She almost looks like a proper classy lady which we all know she really isn’t deep down, but that’s ok too. Had no idea she came with a little umbrella so that’s a nice little bonus. Great article my dude.
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