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Short story:

Another MFC user who has purchased from me multiple times is reselling my figures on Facebook for ridiculous prices.

I've been collecting for 7 years now, MFC being a part of it the entire way. I've met some amazing people on this platform and have never been upset with anyone until now. I just want to rant about something that I was hoping would never happen.

Long Story:
View spoilerHide spoilerA user contacted me about 5 months ago for a bunch of my Haikyuu prize figures on my sales list. I gladly sold them, meeting them at their best offer (after getting lowballed a few times first) and giving a few freebie keychains as a way to say thank you. They contacted me again a bit later about the rest of the prize figures and I accepted once more. Same thing, but this time they asked me for additional free stuff. I said I didn't have anything. So they continued to ask me 3 times for additional free stuff or a cheaper price because I couldn't provide the additional free stuff. At this point I was annoyed because I thought it was rude and said no, but we still went through with the purchase at a price point I was satisfied with.

3 times in between and after these purchases they asked me about my SNK figmas and never replied every time. Then the other day they asked me again. I decided I would reply later in the day after work.

Later comes, and I do my usual FB marketplace browsing for some personal items and decided to check my notifications. I never check my notifications. Ever. But I felt like it this day and saw that there was someone searching for merch in an anime group I am in. I joined this group when I first joined FB a year ago and have never went on it since. But I felt like it this day. Scrolling through the merch sales the third post down I see a very familiar name. It happens to be the same name of this person that I sell to. I was like "oh they're on here too" and go through their sales posts. To my surprise I see them posting a few different sales for SNK figmas for $135 each. These were posted before they messaged me for mine, so I can assume they are go around buying from users on here to resell on FB. I also found another post for Haikyuu figures, that I can assume were mine, but with no price on it.

At this point I've connected the dots and am annoyed. I know what they are doing isn't technically wrong, but it feels like it is. I understand that reselling is part of the game, and people just do this. It happens. But after lowballing me, asking for free items, then reselling for high prices I couldn't help but be ticked off a bit. Not to mention that the people on FB are getting ripped off with high prices, something I can't help but its frustrating to see.

End text heavy rant.

This is the first time I've ever experienced such a thing from another MFC user. I see this place as a wonderful community and put a lot of trust into the users here, even when sending a good amount of money to a stranger. I feel like this person is taking advantage of that, and it upsets me. I do think I will be a little bit more cautious when dealing with others now though.

So, have any of you ever had a similar experience? Or just an overall bad experience with another user on here?
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GollyGeeItsBoo9 dag(en) geleden#90110230
I feel like that person went so out of their way to get it for free. I wonder if they have a handful of bootlegs and only try to buy those specific figures from people to do the same thing. After reading this comments I'm realizing people do some crazy stuff.

I actually talked to my friend that found it super suspish someone with an account of many years here had absolutely nothing listed, not owned nor wished, just nothing...

And yeah, they either had a bootlegs figures and was trying to replace them for free or worse. And they out there so one must always lookout.
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HassySoda10 dag(en) geleden#90039587*Snip*
What the heck who even does that? That's messed up. These stories people are telling me are wild lol.

Dr_Oru10 dag(en) geleden#90050491*Snip*
I feel like that person went so out of their way to get it for free. I wonder if they have a handful of bootlegs and only try to buy those specific figures from people to do the same thing. After reading this comments I'm realizing people do some crazy stuff.

Bakinam9 dag(en) geleden#90096791*Snip*
Omg that man sounds awful, that poor couple! Like really...what good comes from being so nasty to people? The sellers aren't happy. The buyer isn't happy. It's a lose lose situation. That was really nice of you to help them out on his behalf, what a jerk.
Thank you! I do believe there are a ton of good people on here. Like I said, this was the first time I really felt anything negative towards someone here. It was more shocking than anything. I'm sure it's not uncommon, but at least there's more good than bad.

BuyMyFigs9 dag(en) geleden#90108117*Snip*
I can't deal with the scalpers. This is how I feel about the PC market right now. People are getting more into building PC's since the pandemic and the scalpers for new parts are insane. I've been trying to get a new graphics card and it is impossible. People are buying them up and reselling them for double the price.
As for the preorders...I totally agree. I feel like every figure I have to preorder anymore because I'm so afraid of the aftermarket price. It's to the point where I feel like I'm buying more than I typically would because I'm worried of missing out later.
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This has happened to me before with pullips on Mercari. They bought several dolls for a low price and then resold for double. It did take them a longer time to make their money back.

When I got upset about this, my husband had great advice for me. He said: "you wanted to sell them in the first place, so you made some money and got more space. Whatever the buyer does with them after is not your business."

I think just let it go is the best way to deal with it. Don't let it stress you out. That person is not worth it.
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A similar experience, not on MFC but with the Violet Evergarden LE BD. I preordered what was listed as one of the last 6 copies on Crunchyroll, $70 shipped was the total. I even went back to the page after placing my order and there were only 5 left so I figured I made it in time. Then a few weeks later I get an email that they over sold their stock and weren't getting more in, so they canceled my order. I scoured the web for another copy at a decent price, but on eBay they were going for $300+. Finally I found a copy about a week or so later for $250 because it had "dents" in the box. Figuring that was the cheapest I'd get it for, I bought it. Of course with USPS in the horrible state it's in it took about a month to arrive, but luckily the box was fine and there's no noticeable damage. But what pisses me off about the whole situation is some greedy asshole bought a FAN'S copy, possibly MY copy for $60 retail and flipped it for about a $200 profit. The whole scalping market is why I stopped buying LE video games. Sites sell out so fast and probably 40% of people buying are just doing it to resell at some crazy markup. The market wasn't this bad 10 years ago. A lot of people say "don't preorder," but we kind of have to if we want to get the items we desire for a reasonable price anymore.
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I'm sorry you went through that. They're called, "flippers"; they're people who make a living reselling items. Normally, I do not have an issue with this, as there is a demand for secondhand market sellers for many different types of items. For example, some items are very niche -like swords or arcade machines-, and so these items have few buyers and can take a while to sell. Flippers will offer to take that responsibility from the seller for a low price, and then hope they can find actual buyers that will buy at a higher price so they can profit on the difference. There are also items that just kind of congregate as "junk" throughout the world (antiques, old electronics), and flippers take the burden of painstakingly going through it by buying from the original seller in hopes they can find the actual worth of some of that junk, and later sell them for a higher price from real buyers. So my point is they do have a purpose and there is a demand for them.

However, I find that flippers have really started becoming more predatory. Before, the flippers I encountered did not seek out specific items with value, but they rather acquired various items through chance, natural occurrence, falling in their laps, etc., and if they could make profit that was great and if not oh well. Flippers have been on the rise in all the markets lately due to the changing job market and economy, and now many of them, who may at once used to do it as a side job or a hobby, now rely on it for their main source of income. The result from this great change is what you experienced. They have become rude, aggressive, deceitful, exploitative, and harmful to genuine generosity. I say this because I've had recent experiences with them too, and all of them have been just awful. I had a grown man (30's?) act so rude at a garage sale near me that was selling some older video games. He demanded early access to the sale, came with a big bag and immediately dumped all of the games they were selling in it, and then went off to the side with his phone so he can check all of their prices online, only to lowball the very nice and respectful older couple that was holding the sale. He ended up only wanting just 2-3 games, and rudely dumped the rest back on the table. Thankfully, I was there and spoke up about his manners and told the couple he was lowballing them. We got into an argument and after the couple wanted more for the games, he stormed off claiming it was "Just a bunch of junk anyway". He left all the games still dumped on the table too. What a manchild. I apologized to the couple and helped them rearrange those games, and I directed them to a good source so they could accurately price their games for the future.

I know it's not a story relating to anime, but I've had bad experiences with anime flippers too (albeit not that bad, but usually I don't enjoy them). This story is just one of the many times I have dealt with these awful people. Now, I'm sure there are some good flippers out there (Some of them do genuinely help by getting items to buyers that would have never seen them, and also by alleviating sellers of the trouble of trying to find a buyer. So if you're one of the good ones, thank you!), but I did not like any of the ones I've dealt with in recent times. I think people like the one you had an experience with go into friendly communities so they can exploit them for profit. You sold at very good prices because you wanted to be kind to other good fans, and that person instead lied to you so he could abuse your kindness and play you a fool so he could make money on it. You said you feel a bit annoyed, well you should be, because what he did was wrong. I don't care what kind of technicality his actions fall under, through my eyes and yours, he exploited your kindness and the community. Now you feel you have been taken advantage of, attacked, and betrayed by people you were supposed to trust. It's an awful, awful feeling and I'm really sorry, but bad times make people do bad things. That person is probably in a very low part of his life right now, and feels he has to resort to such shameful acts to get anywhere in life (Maybe it happened to him too, who knows). Regardless, all you can really do is take that money loss and move on. It sucks I know, and your gut is going to hurt for a while, but there's nothing you can do now except be prepared for these types of people in the future. If anything, people like that may force really kind deals like the ones we see on MFC out of the market, because now if you sell again, you're probably going to be hesitant to sell for a low price, and what a shame that is, because I really appreciate the kindness I've found here.

You have my sincere apologies for dealing with the worst of the anime community, but keep your head up! He was just one bad apple, try to remember all the good people out there that do appreciate your kindness.
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People just want easy money it also pisses me off Japanese sellers do this a lot on eBay too it’s sad that people charge 50% to even 100% of the original price it’s supposed to be...:/ hopefully you can fix this issue soon just don’t sell to this person anymore
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Scalping by itself is sadly not the issue here but your annoyance is 100% understandable.

Technically there are 3 types of scalpers. Ones who buy pre-orders since they believe the price will skyrocket and make money that way. They tend to sell there items at whatever the new market value is. These people aren't great but this is just how valuable things work.

2 is those who only search for those wanting to get rid of everything and buy it very low to make more. (this is technically not scalping) but at the same time its almost the same idea and I consider it the same since you are selling things for more. Typically, those selling want to get rid of so no issues here.

3 are those who seem like collectors buy items slightly below there value and end up trying to resell at way more. These are the people who I dislike. AKA this situation. People who like to make money by selling things for more than they are worth because people will buy it irk me. Its just plain scummy no other word can describe that feeling. Even if you say there are risks here for the buyer (technically all 3 options have some risk), this one has the least. If you plan on selling them for so high for 0 reason, these people are also the ones that will argue, for instance, there is a slight mark here I want money back...

Personally I am a buyer and seller of things (figures I tend to only sell so I don't end up spending way more than I buy) so I understand many of these people and have dealt with all the types that exist. Anyone who falls in that third category are just ones that should not exist but sadly they do.
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Definitely be wary, even in here. Communities are great but you always get that one or two who just take advantage of that...

One of my best friends irl sold a figure here, only to have the buyer demanding she pay her back because the figure arrived with an arm broken and missing accessories.
Since it was registered shipping and clearly broken in transit was the only option, for she had packed it so well and carefully ( and remembered everything going inside),she asked for a picture to help with the situation.
TL;DR what happened was receiving pictures taking with a potatoe from what was more than clearly a terrible bootleg figure that was not the item sent, and the box where it was sent was impeccable with not a single scratch.
Typical scam situation. It's very unfortunate both buyers and sellers must be always on the lookout.

Personally I only sell with pp f&f after being scammed on a similar situation. I'm fine with other people not agreeing but since I have a lot of feedback on another platform it is rarely the case.
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Yeah, had a buyer try to tell me a certain accessory was missing from a figure. Something I knew wasn't possible as I distinctly remembered packing everything the way it was. Since that incident I now only sell to established members (sorry newbies) and only new/sealed items so that no one can even think of pulling that card on me.
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If somebody want to resell my figures i'm selling they are free to do so. I got more space and if I got the money I wanted it's all fine by me.

But I completely understand your sentiment; asking for free stuff is just trash. gifts should be given; not demanded. Especially when you are buying to resell; then just don't. If you don't think you can make any profit without gifts then you shouldn't buy it XD.

PS. I like that my nendoroids/ figures get to people who actually like them. If somebody buys in bulk, for example when people are quitting the hobbies and want to get rid of their collection at once you can expect people to pick what they like and sell what they don't like. So it depends on the reselling situation. (if i sell a figure for 30 euro and next day i see it listed at the buyer for 2-3x times the price i got for it, I would be mweh!)
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