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Hey everyone

Recently I discovered vtubers (was aware of kizuna ai) thanks to a smol shark being recommended to me by youtube. So I started looking into it more and more. Now I've completely falken into the rabbit hole and love all the hololive EN members, they're so entertaining to watch.

However it didn't stop there. Thanks to videos from Nuxtaku, Gigguk and ofcourse the trash taste podcast. I found even more vtubers to watch (as if my subscription feed wasn't full enough already). I love a lot of them with Okayu, fubuki, Korone and Pekora being high on my list.

After this discovery. I did what every other fan would do, I searched for merch and in my case figures. I found it to be weird that there aren't a lot of them out there (yet). I found kizuna ai, siro, kaguya luna, kagura mea and fubuki (all of which I'm too late for and will have to hunt down..) at least I'm in time for minato aqua.

Now my question to everyone reading this is as follows: do you think we will see more vtuber figures (scales or nendo) (I hope so, I want that simp-shelf) and which ones would you like?

I'd like to see (as scales)
- gawr gura
- mori calliope
- amelia watson
- takanashi kiara
- ninomae ina'nis
- inugami korone
- okayu nekomata
- usada pekora
- Houshou Marine
- Amane Kanata
- tsunomaki watame
- sakura miko

I don't watch the last 4 (yet), but liked their design and saw some clips, so I still included them. I mean all the vtubers from hololive have such beautiful avatars.

Who would you pick to have figures made of (if any)?
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I was resistant to the Vtuber thing until my fiance got big into hololive EN, and now i also stan.....

I would love figures of Gura, Ina, or Calliope, since they're my favs. they'd all make super cute nendoroids :>

I'd also like to see figures of Aimu Sora, even though I don't watch his streams very often - he was the first time I'd ever seen a male vtuber, and also a bilingual one. Now that I'm more into vtubers maybe I'll start tuning in more lmao
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This world needs Pekora and Korone figures. If and when I can have a figure of either of them my life will be complete.
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I'm mostly watching hololive.
Already preordered Fubuki. Definetly preordering the 3 nendos. For the 2 Aqua scale figures, will depend on prototype..
I'd love to get scale figs of senchou, rushia and peko! plus nendos of all hololive..
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I already got one for my favorite, and even of one of my favorite illustrations
ITEM #999482
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Want to wish big and ask for at least one whole generation all get a figure so it can complete the set
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gawr gura by far, she has the cutest design out of all tbh

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Kano ITEM #1027558. Period. And she is being made by Anigift so I'm happy enough.
And maybe Hoshimachi Suisei.
(Ok if we get into technicalities I know Kano is using a different character design when she streams as a member of Hanayori Joshiryou, but I don't really make a distinction between the two + the two accounts post stuff interchangeably anyway)
Other than that, not really, at least not enough for me to want a figure of them.
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I'm still not clear on what a Vtuber is exactly, but I think (NSFW) ENTRY #178823's OC Saya is one (at least according to some Google Translate on Melonbooks... If so, I'd love to see her as a figure (as long as B'Full and their evil sister companies leave her alone!)
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I'd like my own Vtuber design tbh XD
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THICCLING Queen's Watchdog's Wife
i'd love korone, mori, and amelia watson :)
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PVC anime figure store.

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