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Hello MFC! It's time for another DIY kit, today I'll talk about the Crayon Shin Chan Okonomiyaki & Beer DIY Kit 3, which was part of this Japanese snack and candy loot BLOG #45603 .

The name of this set suggests that there were two earlier installments in this series, however these sets don't seem to be about Okonomiyaki, but they are 'Beer & Sashimi' and 'Beer & Sushi'. There have also been previous loose releases of only the beer, called 'Fake Beer Namaiki (Cheeky) Drink'. I have reviewed one of those here: BLOG #19021 , it came with a very cool collectible cup!

There have been lots of funny candy and drink sets from Shin Chan, so let's see how this one turns out!



Very busy and attractive packaging! Also mentions in the bottom right that there are two possible plates you can get with this set. The top right mentions that you need a microwave to make this kit.


The backside mentions the contents, what you need to add yourself and the steps for making this kit.

I remember being perplexed at the top-right list of what you need to provide yourself for this kit as I am used to mainly/only having to provide water, and sometimes a plate. While it feels a bit 'cheating' that you need to provide a lot yourself, at least this kit is more environmentally friendly as a lot of other kits come with one time use plastics to replace these items.

The actual instructions for making the okonomiyaki are easy to understand from the drawings, no Japanese skills are required to understand what you need to do.


The side of the box mentions the instructions for the beer: pour water and powder at the same time, add ice cubes, don't be worried about how much it will fizz!

The contents


The contents you have to provide yourself (with a few of them pictured here):
- Microwave safe plate of at least 12CM
- Spoon
- Mug
- Cling film
- Water
- 2 ice cubes of at least 3 CM size Very specific LOL
- Glass that holds at least 200cc water (most average glasses will do)



And now for the items the set gives you! I ended up getting Lucky's/Shiro's ENTRY #67794 plate!


The set gives you (left to right, top to bottom):
- Fake beer powder
- Serving plate (made of thin plastic, so not reusable such as items like ITEM #275259 )
- Okonomiyaki 'batter' powder
- 'Mayonnaise' powder
- Okonomiyaki 'sauce' powder
- Shin Chan head shaped chopsticks holder (also made from very thin plastic, so not reusable)
- Children sized chopsticks in Shin Chan wrapper

Quite a lot of parts for a simple looking set! As for the use of the quotation marks: This set is not a realistic type and everything you will make here will taste like candy!

I was excited to start with this kit, however, as I knew from earlier Shin Chan sets I have made that they regularly came with reusable glasses and cups, I do feel a bit cheated that not either the plate or chopstick holder is reusable. It would have been nice to keep a 'souvenir' from this kit as well!

Making the kit



I started making the okonomiyaki batter, which after a while of stirring, became a smooth mixture (reminding me of pancake batter).


The instructions mention that you need to wrap the plate that will go into the microwave in cling film. As the plate I selected earlier for this didn't wrap that easily, I grabbed a different one.

At the moment of making this kit I had no idea what the reason/effect is for the cling film to be put on the plate first, so I went on a Google Search. This resulted in finding a lot of online places where people were screaming "DON'T EVER PUT CLING FILM IN MICROWAVE IT WILL LEAK CHEMICALS' to 'WILL CLING FILM PREVENT MY FOOD FROM GETTING RADIATION IN THE MICROWAVE?!'.


Inspecting my cling film packaging, I saw that it should be safe to use it in the microwave. I never could find out the real reason why this recipe let me cling film the plate first, but I might guess it helps with making the batter less sticky/easier to remove from the plate?


The beer mentioned some 'prep time' as it needed the ice cubes to fully cool the drink. So I started with it.

At first the head of the beer shot up very fast!


Once it reached it's highest point, it was also quick to fizzle down.


The end result does not have much head, but does have the drink itself looking a lot like beer!


The okonomiyaki batter was spread out on the plate and went in the microwave!


Meanwhile, the beer was cooling down with some ice cubes (which disappeared fast as these pictures were made during the 2019 heatwave).


The okonomiyaki batter was finished and it indeed looked and smelled a lot like a pancake! The European thin pancake-kind, not American pancakes.


Flip the cling film upside down to easily put it on the plate.

The okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise had a very similar way of being made as the batter, so I forgot to make pictures of it, sorry for that!


Spreading the sauce.


Adding the mayonnaise...

...and here we have the full finished set! It's a bit sad you can't see the cute plate while serving the food, haha!

The taste

As earlier mentioned the set was candy-flavored and not realistic. The flavors you get here are:

Beer = Orange fizzy drink
Okonomiyaki batter = Vanilla pancake
Okonomiyaki sauce = Chocolate sauce
Mayonnaise = Very sweet, it was hard for me to pinpoint the taste, so I wouldn't be surprised if this was pure-sugar-frosting

In short, you are eating a chocolate-vanilla crepe with some orange fizzy lemonade. This made the set very similar to my earlier made Popin' Cookin' - crepe DIY Kit BLOG #42346 , but actually, that set tasted better. The included lemonade with this Shin Chan set is very very sweet, it was too sweet for me.


In conclusion, this set specifically is only for Crayon Shin-Chan or okonomiyaki fans, because if you want to make your own mini crepe's, you're better off with the Popin' Cookin crepe kit. Also, I would actually recommend Shin Chan fans to rather buy other Shin Chan DIY kits that guaranteed come with reusable parts.

As it is not really possible to hunt older releases from this set because of the expiration date, I decided to look into which Shin Chan sets are available right now that come with reusable parts. It seems there is only one right now:

Shin-Chan Experimental Drink 11

I made the Experimental Drink...I think 7 or 8? About 3-4 years ago. It came with a flask with randomized character (I got Shin Chan himself). The flask is reusable and even though not really something to regularly drink anything out of, I sometimes use it in my kitchen when I need to mix something in a small batch.


And as promised, for every new blog, I fix up an old one. This time I decided to fix an earlier big loot blog:
Random buys and gifts loot! September 2018 - December 2018: BLOG #42230

Thanks for reading my blog! My next blog will be either a loot blog or a Garage Kit walktrough. Hope to see you there!
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victorviper2 maand(en) geleden#80168192The okonomiyaki seems like it was a little underwhelming. I can understand why they went for a sweet and not savory taste (it is candy after all), but okonomiyaki should be slightly think with lots of texture, and in the kit it seems more like a crepe or a plain pancake. Oh well, they tried I guess...

Reading your comment I thought 'maybe okonomiyaki is not really a kids meal?', but some Googling told me that Japanese families like to do it for parties or family events.

I guess the most disappointing is that it is just a crepe in the end, even if it was thicker it is not 'actually' okonomiyaki, it needed to have some sort of extra filling I guess. Was this advertised as a crepe-set I would have liked it more probably. Seems like unfortunately this is just a set to grab attention of Shin-Chan fans. If I would buy a Shin-Chan set again in the future I want to make sure it has some kind of souvenir included, otherwise I'm probably better of with getting something from a brand like Kracie (still hope to pick up their curry set!). :)
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The okonomiyaki seems like it was a little underwhelming. I can understand why they went for a sweet and not savory taste (it is candy after all), but okonomiyaki should be slightly think with lots of texture, and in the kit it seems more like a crepe or a plain pancake. Oh well, they tried I guess...
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