July 2020: Culled the collection, how often do you cull yours?July 2020: Culled the collection, how often do you cull yours?Ask MFC

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Once again cleared out a few more figures and now the Transformers collection that once filled up the main bookshelf display is now reduced to one shelf of figures and a few figures in one tote and some that are on other shelves.

Almost finished with this cleanout that started a few months ago and down to a few things that I'm working on getting rid of and right now my focus is on getting rid of those last remaining Transformers so I can rest this month.

I am tired of dealing with Action Figures and tired of having a lot to deal with so this year started off with clearing tons of figures from the collection and now that it's the halfway point of 2020 it feels like I'm ready to get done with cleaning out.

Collecting Action Figures as of late has lead me to being more depressed than anything else because it's not fun at all and the usual action figure discussions that I've seen are like a broken record covering the same things over and over again and after seeing the latest distribution fiascos for Transformers that's made me walk away from collecting those so I'm actually happy to have culled the Transformers collection down to a small collection.

Haven't bothered with getting rid of anymore Anime figures since clearing a few Fate figures from the collection last time and I'm satisfied with the Anime collection as it is and I'm fine with not adding anything else to it for a while.

Not feeling it to get anymore figures at the moment after getting rid of so many of them over the past few months.

This was a healthy clean out MFC, it's something that has to be done often here given how much is in storage now and I'll end up cleaning out figures when I think about it and have had a fair amount of success getting rid of things locally so it's been worth it to clean out the storage totes.

How many figures/items do you have in storage?

How often do you clean out figures from your collection?
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Haven't sold anything since I started collecting ~3 years ago, but recently I'm starting to run out of space to display everything I have so I'm thinking of letting some figures go soon. Not sure how or when I will get around to doing it, but I'm thinking of selling a bunch of prize figures I got when I first started out, as well as a couple scales and Nendoroids I wouldn't miss.
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I've taken a few steps since last January to display a big part of my collection. About 75% is now on display, but that doesn't count countless of old garage kits from my younger days I will never build and that takes up a lot of space.

It's my goal to start cleaning out the collection when the displays will be completed. Right now, I'm evaluating what's worth keeping and what no longer have significance for me. Not really sure to make a lot of money from the sales of these items, but they would free up some space and basically bring more coherence to the collection.
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If there is a figure I don't want anymore, I mentally put into a sell list. A lot of time has to pass before I finalize the decision. I'll put the figure back in its box for a while, then take it out again to see if I still like it. If not, well back in the box it goes.

I only started culling my collection recently, got rid of some old figures and figures that I didn't like displaying. I don't really like the process of selling figures, so I try to sell them in bulk so I don't have to deal with too many transactions.
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I'm doing a "massive" (as in most of my relatively small collection) purge ATM.
I've decided I'm just going to refocus my collection to mainly a couple themes (swimsuits, lingerie and bunnys mainly).
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I need to sell some of my stuff as I have almost no space left, but I really do love everything I own and there’s nothing I want to part with at the moment..
Another issue I have about culling my collection is that it is very hard to sell stuff in New Zealand, the market here is very niche so even when I do have things to sell, it takes forever and in the end I usually have to sell it for way less than what I originally paid for so I actually usually lose money during sales. So most of the time I just don’t bother, and think more carefully about how much I really want things before I commit to buying them.
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Solarstormflare1 maand(en) geleden#79941757I just sold 6 figures for 900AUD but i didn't want to, I only did it because covid has brought more adult stuff into perspective for me and it's better to have more cash on hand for now than figures, no matter how much i love them.

With everything that's going on with Covid that's part of what sparked my collection cleanout getting rid of stuff I really didn't want and I made about $2,000 in sales from selling off that entire collection [Got caught up financially due to that so this month I can relax a lot easier] a month or two ago and that helped out a LOT then this week what I sold made about $240 from Transformers so the positive effect of the selling off has been to establish emergency funding and has helped to keep me from getting more [kinda stupid to buy more if one's sold off almost all the ones I had in storage right]

It's an excellent idea to have more cash on hand these days with all that is going on.
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I just sold 6 figures for 900AUD but i didn't want to, I only did it because covid has brought more adult stuff into perspective for me and it's better to have more cash on hand for now than figures, no matter how much i love them.
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Jenthehen Otaku at Law
I don't keep any figures in storage (aside from extra parts / alternative parts - and even those are easily accessible!) I only keep a figure boxed if I've gotten it but haven't had time to open it or if I am still deciding if I want to sell or not.

I haven't done many BIG collection culls - maybe just a couple times (but even those weren't TONS of sales). I pretty much just do it slowly over time. I may sell about a figure a month or so. I keep a running tally of figures I MIGHT be willing to sell and check in on that if I start feeling like space or money is an issue.
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I can proudly say I've never culled mine. X'D I mean, I guess I want to eventually, but I love my collection as it is now and space isn't so much of an issue that I need to think about where to put things or anything like that. I'm not saying that space isn't an issue at all, because it definitely is, but I'm not yet at that point of desperation where I'm scrambling to see if there's a square inch I haven't filled with figures yet and if I can just squeeze the latest addition into there.

What I HAVE culled though is my goods collection (keychains, acrylic stands, etc.). I've given some away to friends and family, and I've put some in storage so I can figure out how to display them (and where).
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Only when the item is
1) impulse buy that i regret deeply
2) totally forgot about it for a while
3) its price made it worth the effort

An example would be PlayArts Kai Quiet
1) was fun finding her in a store covered up by other items, normal price
2) couldn't display her near my DC comics or Final Fantasy series. Didn't look well together. Stayed in box in closet
3) found out she became 400 dollars on ebay.

Yeah, that only happens very rarely

Btw, im planning on having a central theme in the location that draws most attention. And keep rotating that theme every 2 months. It would keep things interesting.
Im thinking the first theme is "race queens" with Fate racing figures leading
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