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MartinTremoladaMartinTremolada3 maand(en) geleden
Hey guys, today I just noticed there are several CosBaby figures on pre-order for June 2020 on AmiAmi and the prices are insanely cheap (around 400 yen / 3 USD), when they usually go for much higher (they are listed on other sites for around 25 to 50 dollars depending on the model). I love the Fantastic Beasts ones and there are several Disney ones. Do you think this is a mistake? In case anyone is interested here is the search link:

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skylinedo BANNED
Capitalize on this. Ami is a japanese company and they generally honor price mistakes bc thats their good business practice.
Once i got a $300ish figure for ~$55 USD. Ha, otaku republic once listed it for 10k USD!
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Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
I'm hoping it isn't a mistake. The cheap price is why I added one to my order (I figure I couldn't beat 400 yen for that Grindelwald figure, so I added him to my order). There's a difference between a 400 yen added onto my order and a 2800 yen one (as some of the other CosBaby figures seem to be there).

At any rate, it's weird only a select group of them are on sale. I'm agreeing with FlyingToNowhere that they may be getting rid of leftovers, as that's the only thing that makes sense.
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I saw that before and thought it was interesting. I always thought cosbabies were terribly overpriced for what they are, so I thought they were shifting pricing to compete with Pops or something. But it seems like these were released before, so I bet they're getting rid of leftover stock from lines that didn't sell as well.
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Oooh, thanks for sharing this. I am not into collecting that line, but that is a really sweet deal for anyone interested with more than a 80% discount! I noticed that not all of them are the same price (like WW or Manalorian ones).
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