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This will probably be my last haul post for a bit - all my orders were too big to ship DHL so I have to wait for EMS to be back up and running. I am hoping when things start reopening here, so I can pick up a figure at my local store that I think has been ready but due to not being allowed to be open, I couldn’t pick it up.

So I bought Hanayo pre owned some time ago on AmiAmi and noticed Rin has been popping up less often as pre owned, so I decided to just buy her new through LTS. This set, is so so gorgeous, Alter really hit it out of the park with these two. The details are so so so amazing. Also, all my scale figures for Love Live are by Alter? LOL. Anyway, I’m really happy to finally have these two, because I cannot gush enough about how beautiful they are.

Big Bad Toy Store

So I decided to purchase Aoba through BBTS I paid about $100 for her. I love this figure because she came with the cute lil bun option for her piggy tails. She’s pretty cute, I opted to display her without the base (I love love sitting figures for this option). She’s simple but really cute and I like her a lot. Glad I picked her up!

My brother got me this set of CCS cards for my birthday - they did Yue dirty by only putting him on like one card :C

Not so much an anime purchase but I finally got a nice frame from Michaels to hang my NGNL poster that came with the art book.

Now I finally own all of AOT on dvd - this one I got as a gift for my birthday from a friend.

Ahhhh, Vol 2 of Given - I’m just waiting for the anime to get an english release on dvd/bluray because my heart really really wants to own it.

Full metal vol 9 - eventually, when all these hard covers come out I’ll read the series LOL

And lastly Konosuba Season 1 - I’m really excited it’s finally getting a dvd/bluray release

I do wonder about these bears that appear on the DVD artwork as they never appear in the anime OR the light novels as far as I can remember ?!?!?
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evenstar882 maand(en) geleden#78627687
I'm not a huge fan of the franchise but I do like some of the character designs/costumes. Idol figures are such a pit fall. I can't wait to get Alters Yohane figure (Funny enough I JUST got that outfits card in one of the games) and the last white day figure and then hopefully.... nothing else pops up that I have to have LOL
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I don't follow Love Live, but I have always loved looking at their figures (particularly the ones by Alter). The pastel colours of the two figures in your initial photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing!
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galablue2 maand(en) geleden#78596961I've had those Love Live figures on and off my wishlist ... and now I think they are going back on. I absolutely love them so much and after seeing your pics, I am sold!
I 1000% think you need them. I had Hanayo on my wishlist but didn't think about getting Rin until I got the other in. Ugh, I can't get over how beautiful both of them are. Idol figures are so dangerous
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I've had those Love Live figures on and off my wishlist ... and now I think they are going back on. I absolutely love them so much and after seeing your pics, I am sold!
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solluxcaptor2 maand(en) geleden#78596700I love that Aoba figure!
Same she's super cute ; ~; I love her character design
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I love that Aoba figure!
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ShionArita2 maand(en) geleden#78596487Nice haul! Aagh Konosuba bluray!! Unfortunately its region A disc. Waiting for region B...Hopefully soon!
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Nice haul! Aagh Konosuba bluray!! Unfortunately its region A disc. Waiting for region B...
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Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
BlazeDazzleDusk2 maand(en) geleden#78595575Really great loot! Rin and Hanayo especially look stunning together.
Thank you!
And aren't they? I'm so impressed with them
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Really great loot! Rin and Hanayo especially look stunning together.
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