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  • I recently became a father and have a almost 1 year old child. My trick is to keep all figures in my detolf cabinets and keep them in my gaming/working room. The kid usually plays downstairs or in other bedrooms. I plan to change the gaming/working room door to be a lockable door when he have learned how to open a door in a few years. I would not recommend displaying figures high in a shelf because eventually kids will find a way there and dismember your figures.
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    migur1 maand(en) geleden#78647154So very high, and behind locked doors, and don't let them touch it if you think they are old enough. did the dalek get replaced/repaired in the end?

    Unfortunately not. It's on the shelf in her hobby room still though (mix of collector items and crafting materials/machines since she makes clothes). The exact damage was I chewed on the plunger, a lot, and scratched off a lot of the paint. I'm not sure if she even knows where to get it repaired or replaced since this particular Dalek was pre-2005 reboot and she had it before I was born. (And yes, as a collector now, I feel guilty about it.)
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    WhoBeDaPlaya1 maand(en) geleden#78560548Congratulations!
    Thank you!
    galablue1 maand(en) geleden#78554666I just stopped by to say congrats!! This fills my heart with joy for you!
    Thank you, that's so sweet ^^
    Paulichu1 maand(en) geleden#78553777I have no kids, but I think most people I know with kids either resort to placing items high, or behind a glass door with child locks or key locks. Billy book cases and detolfs are common in North America. Depending on accessibility, I recommend those or similar.
    I will visit the ikea some time to see what are their lockable options.
    lesser-robot-cat1 maand(en) geleden#78553478Good for you! ^o^
    The first year won't be a problem, but once the little one's old enough to start toddling and worse, reaching for things, you might want to put a lock on the door that you keep your collection in. Not a fancy lock, just a hook that drops into an eyelet, up near the top where only adults can reach. You'll have to really get into the habit of closing the door and placing the lock back in place every single time you leave/enter the room. All it takes is once...

    Thank you. It's like kids smell when something isn't locked :<
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    LittlePisces1 maand(en) geleden#78561377Just here to congratulate you! Thank you for the wholesome read.

    Thank you!
    GerardHaZ1 maand(en) geleden#78561266Congratulations! How lucky to have a collector mom :)
    ^^ not a mom yet, hoping everything works out.
    murialita1 maand(en) geleden#78561102Again, not a parent myself, but I see you have lots of nendoroids in your collection. Make sure you keep all the extra parts somewhere safe as well. They are tiny, and can easily find their way into mouths. Maybe keep them in a cabinet with a lock, or a child-safety latch. For the figures themselves, either put them up out of reach, or try to keep them where the kids aren't really allowed to go unsupervised. Try not to let them see you posing them or moving them around so they don't get the idea that they are toys. Out of sight, out of mind.
    The thought of parts being swallowed scares the s*** out of me :< I hope that never happens.
    noted; keep parts away.
    Elise_Grimwald1 maand(en) geleden#78561009I don't have kids either, but I would recommend getting a case with a lock and key (and hide that key well), or put the figures on a high shelf that cannot easily be reached by standing on furniture.
    Kids can and will find a way to get to shelves (from experiences with my nieces and a friend's kid), so make sure any shelves are not near furniture, or where furniture could be dragged to.
    I'd really recommend the cabinet with a lock and key, though, if you have the room.
    Also, make absolutely sure if you do get a cabinet, make sure you do get it mounted to the wall using the fabric/screws (IDK what the strip is actually called, it's a piece of tough fabric) if the cabinet comes with one, or make sure to get a wall mount of some sort. They can and do tip over, and the mount prevents it from doing so.

    One thing IKEA has learned me is to mount everything to the wall when there are little ones.
    The terrors that can prevent.
    JosukeWasHere1 maand(en) geleden#78560906Congratulations :D
    I recommend playing your figures on high shelves so your child won't be able to reach them. Alternatively, you could get a glass cabinet with a lock and key and place your figures inside of it. But at the end of the day, it's totally up to you. Wish you all the best!
    Thank you!
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    Heartlessxox11 maand(en) geleden#78562355Congratulations!!
    I don’t have kids but I have cousins considerably younger than me, one of them broke a dragon ornament once (I don’t recommend allowing them to break one btw) but they saw how upset I was and have not touched any of my figures or dragons since.
    Most of them have been raised to be polite and ask whether they can touch them or look at them, but they tend to not want to touch them as they get older.
    For example, the youngest one (whose three and has been coming to my house since she was a few months old) has never been able to reach the figures but loved looking at them because they were very colourful. However she learned that she’s not allowed to go in my room unless I’m there, and she tends to stick by that, but she loves going into the room so she has learnt that to go in there and look at the figures she just sits on the bed and doesn’t touch. I have made a game out of it to test her memory to make sure she isn’t against the figures in anyway and they’re still fun for her but has no interest in touching them. I do this by her remembering their names or how many boys and girls there are, she loves that.
    Overall though, I’ve found if you state from the get go ‘I don’t mind you going in and looking at them but you can’t touch them’ they do listen, especially if you only state it once and then continue as normal as if the figures aren’t there or still make it fun for them in some way.
    If the collection is quite colourful the kids will want to go and look though so be careful with that, and figures that match fairytale kind of themes such as angels, devils, ‘princess or princes’ (aka characters in ball gowns or suits) gain their attention the most. So if you don’t have enough room to put all figures on high shelves keep the brighter coloured figures higher than the dull coloured figures. I’ve found the age where they don’t tend to care about the figures is around 10-11, they gain their own interests at that stage and don’t really care for yours typically (sometimes they do care and take an interest because you like it but I’ve found that’s rare lol)
    Sorry for rambling, I hope you found this useful and congrats!

    I ramble all the time, that's totally fine. Thanks for all the advice :D
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    Sakura00551 maand(en) geleden#78562082Congratulations! I'm wishing you both a happy and healthy life!
    I've read your articles many times and this was so joyful to see.
    I'm not a parent but I've always thought and discussed this topic so many times too.. I hope you'll figure it out and everything goes well!
    Congratz again♡

    Thank you! I never knew I had some regular readers of my articles, guess my rambling is somewhat entertaining (LOL)

    Even if i don't figure it out, figures can be replaced, so everything will work out in the end I guess. I just want to prevent any ER visits or a destroyed cabinet etc.
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    poemgranate1 maand(en) geleden#78595772This was so wholesome to read, congratulations!!Okeno1 maand(en) geleden#78563058When I first had kids, I kept my stuff in a different room anyway and it was not a high traffic room (the downstairs rec room not the upstairs living room. As they got older, they were able to the rec room and I simply taught them to respect what was there and which things they could play with or not (they were more interested in the transformers toys) and supervise them while I was there. They seem to respect it now that I don't have to observe them and they ask if they want to play with them.
    Some of the more fragile things were higher up in the shelves too.
    vgadict1 maand(en) geleden#78562091Congratulations!
    I have 2 children, and I ended up putting away all my figures in totes to avoid them getting handled and broken or lost. My kids have ruined several other items, sometimes as a result of their curiosity or just due to accidents. One of them is prone to taking things apart and then taking the pieces and either hiding or losing them around the house. They also have a tendency to chew on their toys or other things. They're also smart at finding ways to climb and reach things up high, so merely putting things on higher shelves only works for so long. I just could not bear to risk them getting at my figures - if they did, the figure would likely be in parts, some broken and some with chew marks, and scattered all over the house. After they get older and more mature, I plan to put them on display again, but for now nearly all of my figures are safely tucked away.
    Unless you have something like a lockable display case, I recommend putting them somewhere that the kids can't find or reach them.
    Torakatsu1 maand(en) geleden#78561600You'll be fine until around 1 year old, until which case you would want to have everything out of reach of course, whether that means on higher bookshelf tiers or behind glass during the discovery phase. I had 2 full Detolfs in my daughters play area from 0-3years and she was never interested in trying to get hands on anything inside. I attribute that lack of interest to the figures always being there and becoming part of the furniture, so to speak. As she grew into a cheeky toddler, I was fully prepared to start acquiring lockable cabinets, but she has stayed uninterested and even reluctant to touch them when given permission because she understood how important they were.
    So to convert my experience into advice, I guess I would have to say keep things out of reach while bub is running on instinct and grabbing at everything they can, but you don't need to spend big on childproofing with locks etc right away, every child is different so just take it as it comes once you know a little about your child's personality.
    And congratulations!! =D
    Thank you all for your advices and or best wishes :D
    sorry for the late reply, my mind has been kind of occupied the last few days.
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    Kotoni1 maand(en) geleden#78596864I asked my mother since she's been a collector since before I was even a thought.
    She responded, "Very high up. Very, very high up. Lock them away. Whatever you think is high enough, isn't high enough. When you think they're old enough to play with them or appreciate them, they're not old enough. My poor Dalek..."
    So she recommends exercising caution basically. Congratulations too!

    So very high, and behind locked doors, and don't let them touch it if you think they are old enough. did the dalek get replaced/repaired in the end?
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    Jenthehen1 maand(en) geleden#78595431It probably depends a lot on your house set-up and how you "corral" your kids. So far, my kids are never unsupervised anywhere near my figures and they just don't have much interest in them or going in my office - I honestly think my merch just kinda "blends in" as part of the house to them, lol. It's just a generally "kid free" space.I doubt we will be able to create a kidsfree space, but it is ofcourse worth a try :D
    We will see how everything goes, and I still have more than 7 months to figure that one out ^^
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